The Philosophical Attack on Christianity

The Philosophical Attack on Christianity

by Gregory Bredemeier


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Dr. Gregory Bredemeier's "Philosophical Attack on Christianity: How Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Substantiates God-of-the-Gaps and God's Providential Action" is more than an in-depth study of the extent of attacks on Judeo-Christian foundations of Christianity by militant atheists and agnostics. It is a blueprint emphasizing a dangerous movement that is undermining the fundamentals upon upon which this country was founded. "Does God Exist?" These three words have defined family upheaval, national conflict, and international warfare, yet the answer is as elusive as it is volatile. In this book Bredemeier reminds us that: 1) the machinations devised by militant factions of atheists and agnostics pose a great threat to society, 2) too many of these militants function within the scientific and academic communities, 3) it is vital that we recognize even the most subtle aspect of the attacks, and 4) arguments against the existence of God can be successfully defeated. "Philosophical Attack on Christianity" is an analysis of techniques and ideologies of militant atheists and agnostics who attack Christianity. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is described in order to demonstrate that true ontological gaps exist where man has no epistemic access to specific areas of scientific knowledge and therefore logically conclude that God cannot plausibly be removed from reality. This book applies an appropriate God-of-the-Gaps concept and describes how Christian theology is mischaracterized, mis-defined and otherwise manipulated to provide support for a relativistic worldview too frequently found in America's journalists, academicians, politicians and jurists.

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