The Pillars of My Soul: The Poetry of T. R. Moore

The Pillars of My Soul: The Poetry of T. R. Moore

by T. R. Moore


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"The Pillars of My Soul - The Poetry of T.R. Moore" is the first publication of Terri Moore's poetry after 30 years of compilation. Her writing possesses a unique, personal voice, using a wide variety of styles. Her Poetry may be considered "Confessional," reminiscent of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. She writes with a language that seems to have been lost over the last 50 years in poetry. It is a heart-felt, soul-wrenching journey, reading her life in these pages. It will leave you forever changed. Her poems are best appreciated when reading with a Deconstructionist mind-set, revealing all the possible meanings.

Following are a few of the myriad beautiful lines to be found throughout this special collection:

- Now evensong the daylight dim / To wake and play my moonlight hymn

- I moulder with my secret books / My soul becoming dog-eared

- I sing of dark-lit dampen walks / In glistening colors of my youth

- Comfort out of the sticks of nothingness,/ And great purpose from small sorrows.

- Dark winds would carry worlds entire / Of words on fire with licks of lion's teeth

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Pages: 202
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