The Pink Heaven, Part B: Trilogy of eternity: Love ends. But not with death. 13 days in paradise. Gay Romance

The Pink Heaven, Part B: Trilogy of eternity: Love ends. But not with death. 13 days in paradise. Gay Romance

by Adi Mira Michaels

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Trilogy of eternity: Love ends. But not with death. 13 days in paradise. This novel has appeared in 2 versions: 'Pink Heaven' is the adult version. Aydin and Chiron - a couple as it cannot be more unequal. Aydin, the slender German-Turk, student of photography and Chiron, a four-edged, angular nurse. They meet for the first time where you meet, if one is nurse in a hospital. Aydin was severely beaten up and hurt, transferred to the clinic, and Chiron was assigned to him as his nurse. Quickly develops a friendship, growing to love by the time. Not in a sexual way - with that many tubes and injuries, Aydin could do nothing - but from the heart. They soon move together and experience some cheerful, peaceful years in a northern German city. The perpetrators who had done this to Aydin were quickly identified, arrested and sentenced. In prison, they had been 'liked' like other fresh meat too... Their hate and grudge grows - but grudge on Aydin, not on themselves. After prison the hate changes again into violence, this time Aydin does not survive. After six months in agrypnocoma the machines are switched off. Chiron is not only desperate, he himself is 'dead'. Working only mechanically, one evening he received an 'order' from their common Dutch friends to travel to them without delay, to take a break. He follows the command and his life gets a new twist. The medium Margaret from Amsterdam represents for him a connection to the other side of life. (Attention: it's not a drug story!) An exciting, erotic love story of two men and their friends taking very unusual twists. It would be wrong not to describe this novel by Adi Mira Michaels as at least esoteric. In spite of everything, none of the protagonists or even the author floats above the ground, it remains grounded and also offers on the other side, in paradise, more than just flat humor. RATING: Absolutely readable!

Adi Mira Michaels is, as you have certainly assumed, a pseudonym. 'His masters voice' is a well-known German non-fiction author who has lately (2012) also discovered his literary streak and published not only this book, but also other gay erotic short stories and novels under his pseudonym. Adi Mira does not only belong to his namesake, he also lives with three other males in his apartment: three tomcats. He also belongs to them. They remind him that life can be much worse than his is; he has let me tell by a protagonist this way: "My cats have a poor life. 50% of the day, they have to starve of hunger in front of the full pots. 50% of the day, they have to sleep. 50% of the day, they are bored. Moreover, 50% of the day they want to be cuddled. They do not know how to survive the day!' Contact the author! Under or on Facebook at Adi Mira Michaels Fanpage. We are pleased about every "I like" and more!

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ISBN-13: 9783946711032
Publisher: Verlag des Instituts Drachenhaus
Publication date: 01/01/2017
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Pages: 130
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