The Piper's Price

The Piper's Price

by Audrey Greathouse


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781634222235
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication date: 02/21/2017
Series: Neverland Wars Series , #2
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 303,073
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Audrey Greathouse is an active member of the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators and seven-time winner of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. Her BA in English Language and Literature comes from Southern New Hampshire University, where she completed her honors thesis on Victorian children's literature.

In 2013 she sold her first young adult science-fiction novella, Dr. Derosa's Resurrection, to Mad Scientist Journal for serial publication. She currently writes for Telepathic/TLDR, a silicon valley literary venture which will be released in the autumn of 2015.

Initially from Seattle, she is enjoying the footloose lifestyle her freelance fiction writing affords her. Audrey is a classically trained pianist and unconventionally trained circus artist, specializing in fire eating and aerial silks. Her long-term goals as an author are to make a modest living writing novels and to build a following that will dress up and participate in her avant-garde art projects. She hopes someday she will be able to tour with other musicians and circus performers, building a traveling cabaret around her stories. Her short-term goals include steadily building her readership and traditionally publishing her YA fantasy series, The Neverland Wars.

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The Piper's Price 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love reading different versions and more adventure stories of Peter Pan. He's one of my favorite storybook characters in classic literature. The author has done a great job with this series. I only discovered it a little bit ago when one of the books was specially advertised. After reading the first book, I immediately bought the sequel; and now, that I finally got a chance to read it and am ready for the third, I discovered that it is suddenly no longer available. Urgh! What's the deal??? I am very disappointed, B&N. You've left me seriously hanging here-- with Peter Pan & his friends, and Neverland in the middle of a war! I'd really like to know how it ends!!!
BookwormforKids More than 1 year ago
This book takes the second star on the right and launches into adventure pure with whimsical, childhood imagination straight on till morning. If the adults from the normal world aren't stopped, Neverland will be destroyed. Peter Pan already has a plan, but it involves a deal with the notorious Piper. Gwen is ready to help Peter even if being sixteen already makes it hard for her to play in the Lost Kids' childhood games. But nothing is as it appears, and Gwen soon wonders if she's in over her head. This is a book for the young at heart. I did read the first one in the series, so the writing style and flow wasn't a surprise. The author masterfully weaves child like tendencies with an emerging adult, creating the perfect world for a coming of age story. The first pages appear to be written for a younger audience, but as the story progresses, it hits the inner struggles of growing up head on. The imagery is a real treat. Neverland comes to life with all the quirkiness and ease of the original tale. The Lost Kids are ready to play every game, and even when the going gets tough, they keep it all in the realm of play. The only character that comes across a little more clever with his years of experience is Pan. He's still a child at heart and belongs fully to Neverland, but there is a wonderful wisdom in all that he does which, at times, puts him beyond his years. It's an intriguing mixture which makes this Peter a sheer delight. The plot moves along with imagination, fairy dust and magic. Adventures flow, one right after the other, and there are tons of twists and turns. The tension stays high even when the light-heartedness never fades. Some things fit logically well together. Others do not. But in Neverland, imagination rules so these holes don't bother in the least. Gwen has a bit of a romance going, which doesn't come across quite as natural as it could and, for me, fell a little short. The word 'love' falls, but it doesn't seem to click with the fly-by-night meetings she has with her heart-throb. Summed up, this is a wonderful read fairy tale friends, and especially those of Peter Pan, are sure to enjoy. It's comes across a bit young for YA at times, but that what Neverland is all about. I'm giving it a 4.5 and rounding up. Plus, I'm definitely excited to see where the epic battle for this land will go next. I received a complimentary copy from the author and enjoyed it so much I wanted to leave my thoughts.