The Planets

The Planets


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ISBN-13: 9780606182331
Publisher: San Val, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/1999
Series: Starting with Space Ser.

About the Author

Bill Slavin is an award-winning children's book illustrator with over 50 books to his credit. His works include Stanley?s Party and The Bear on the Bed. He lives in Millbrook, Ontario.

Table of Contents

1.Planets around the Sun4
Planet tales
What is a planet?6
What is the solar system?
Why do planets shine?
How do planets move?
How did the solar system begin?8
How big is the solar system?
Try it: Make a solar system you can eat
2.Mercury: Racing round the Sun10
What would it be like to visit Mercury?
Why is Mercury so hot--and cold?
What's inside Mercury?
Mercury facts
3.Venus: Sky dazzler12
What would it be like to visit Venus?
Why does Venus look so bright?
Venus facts
4.Earth: Our blue home14
Why is Earth a good place to live?
What's inside Earth?
Earth facts
5.Mars: A red mystery16
Clues from Mars: A true story
What would it be like to visit Mars?18
Mars facts
Try it: Test for signs of life
6.Jupiter: A gas giant20
What would it be like to visit Jupiter?
Discovering Jupiter's moons: A true story
Why does Jupiter look striped?22
Jupiter facts
Try it: Make a model of Jupiter's stormy surface
7.Saturn: Rings of wonder24
What would it be like to visit Saturn?
Saturn facts
Why does Saturn have rings?26
Does Saturn have moons?
Try it: Pace through space
8.Uranus: Rolling along28
What would it be like to visit Uranus?
Does Uranus have moons?
Uranus facts
9.Neptune: Another blue planet30
What would it be like to visit Neptune?
Does Neptune have moons?
Neptune facts
10.Pluto: The puzzle planet32
What would it be like to visit Pluto?
Pluto facts
Are there any more planets in the solar system?34
Try it: Match postcards with planets
How do we know about the planets?36
Try it: See some planets for yourself
Why study the planets?38

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