The Planters: The History of the McKneely and Allied Families - Volume I

The Planters: The History of the McKneely and Allied Families - Volume I

by J. Derald Morgan


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The Planters Volume I and II

A Genealogical History of the McKneely Clans of South Carolina, Louisiana and Georgia

This is a genealogical history of the McKneely families of South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana.

There are two branches to this Scotch-Irish family with this unique spelling. One that migrated from South Carolina to Georgia and then on to Texas and other parts of the expanding United States of America. Then there is the branch that left South Carolina in the late 1700s and early 1800s with other families and settled in what at the time was West Florida. This area then was taken into the United States of America with the purchase of Florida from Spain and then became a part of Louisiana. The Louisiana branch resided in the Parishes called the Florida Parishes and stayed close to the area until after the First World War when the family began to migrate into other parts of the United States.

You will find in this book two parts. One part covers the McKneely family that migrated to the Florida Parishes of Louisiana and the Second part that covers the McKneely family that first migrated to Georgia and then to Oklahoma and Texas. There is speculation but no proof that the two lines come from the common immigrant ancestor James McNealy with various spellings of McNealy. Look at the information and decide for yourself whether or not two lines could adopt a common spelling change, come from South Carolina and have common names and not be related to the common ancestor attached to the Louisiana McKneely clan.

I have attempted to include as much detail as possible about each person. Personal stories are the spice of a genealogical work. I have included as many as possible and included them without edit. I am not a politically correct family historian. There may be some factually correct material that you may not like or that someone might tell you is not correct. Please read this account with the times and culture in mind as that is what makes the story a good one. Do not try to impress yourself on the story but put yourself into the times and places.

About the Author

Dr. J. Derald Morgan is an accomplished author, genealogist, family historian and forensic engineer.

Dr. Morgan was a University Professor and Administrator for 46 years. He served as Vice President and Executive Director of the UAH Foundation at The University of Alabama in Huntsville and Special Assistant to the Chancellor Univeristy of Alabama, was Dean at New Mexico State University, and was Department Head and the ALCOA and Emerson Electric Chaired Professor at University of Missouri- Rolla now Missouri Science and Technology during his academic career.

As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution Dr. Morgan also believes that every American needs more knowledge about their family and its contribution to the development of this great nation. Out of this knowledge grows an appreciation for the freedoms we have and a commitment to sustaining a free society. America is an exceptional country built on the best principles of God and man. This special country founded on the God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has proved to be the best form of government ever devised. I hope that you will be blessed by knowing your ancestors when you read this book.

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