The PlantPure Nation Cookbook: The Official Companion Cookbook to the Breakthrough Film...with over 150 Plant-Based Recipes

The PlantPure Nation Cookbook: The Official Companion Cookbook to the Breakthrough Film...with over 150 Plant-Based Recipes


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A revolution has begun...

From a creative team that includes the producer and writer of Forks Over Knives, the documentary film PlantPure Nation captures the inspiring story of plant-based nutrition’s impact on a small town in the rural South and the effort to bring about historic political change. As the film’s official companion cookbook, The PlantPure Nation Cookbook brings this powerful, science-based approach to nutrition from the big screen to your kitchen with some of the same mouthwatering recipes that kick-started the revolution, promoting the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.

Author Kim Campbell is the wife of PlantPure Nation Executive Producer and Director Nelson Campbell and daughter-in-law of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, coauthor of The China Study and father of the modern plant-based nutrition movement. She is also a culinary contributor, recipe developer, and cooking instructor at Campbell Wellness, a health and wellness business. In PlantPure Nation Cookbook, she shares more than 150 extensively tested, 100% plant-based recipes that she has created and cultivated over 25 years of vegan cooking, such as:

Buffalo Beans and Greens
No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
Spinach Lasagna
Green Pepper Tofu Scramble
Reuben Casserole

With a foreword by Dr. Campbell, The PlantPure Nation Cookbook is also filled with tips, tricks, and grocery lists for people interested in a whole food, plant-based diet. And with intimate background and behind-the-scenes details from PlantPure Nation film, this companion cookbook is a must-have for stimulating healthful eating in your home.

Join the revolution to jumpstart your health!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781940363684
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 03/24/2015
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 156,886
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Kim Campbell is the daughter-in-law of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, considered by many as the “science father” of the rapidly growing plant-based nutrition movement. She works with her husband, Nelson, in a health and wellness business promoting a whole-food, plant-based diet. This experience has allowed her to hone her culinary skills, especially in understanding how to create flavors, textures, and presentations that appeal to mainstream consumers experiencing a plant-based diet for the first time. Kim holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Human Service Studies, with a minor in Nutrition and Child Development.

Table of Contents

Foreword T. Colin Campbell, PhD 11

Introduction 12

Getting Started

Building Your PlantPure Pantry 17

Helpful Cooking Tools 24

Making Substitutions 25

Keeping PlantPure Eating Simple 27


Breakfast and Brunch 31

Baked Apples 32

Blueberry Muffin Granola 35

Blueberry Sauce 36

Breakfast Burrito 37

Breakfast Casserole 38

Breakfast Patties 41

Fluffy Whole Wheat Pancakes 42

Gingerbread-Blueberry Pancakes 45

Green Pepper Tofu Scramble 46

Hot Cinnamon-Apple Cereal 47

Muesli 49

Mushroom Hash Browns 50

Nelson's Grits 51

Pineapple-Coconut Smoothie 52

Vanilla-Berry Smoothie 53

Watermelon Smoothie 55

The China Study: Sowing the Seeds of Revolution 56

Breads 57

Artisanal Vegan Pizza Dough 59

Banana Bread 60

Colin's Blueberry Muffins 61

Cornbread 63

Cranberry-Orange Scones 64

Naan Bread 67

No-Knead Sweet Raisin Bread 68

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread 71

The Genesis of PlantPure Nation 72

Snacks and Appetizers 73

Asian Spring Rolls 74

Cauliflower Buffalo Bites 77

Mushroom Tapenade on Polenta Squares Polenta 78

Popcorn, Many Flavors 80

Potato Chips 82

Roasted Chickpeas 83

Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip 84

Dips and Spreads 85

Baba Ghanoush 87

Basil-Avocado Pesto 88

Chickpea-Cranberry Salad 91

Guacamole 92

Hummus 95

Mushroom Pâté 96

Southwestern Black Bean Dip 99

Vegan Ricotta Cheese 99

The Kentucky Legislature 100

Salads 101

Artichoke and White Bean Salad 103

Broccoli Salad 104

Coleslaw 106

Corn Salsa 106

Creamy Kale Salad 107

Creamy Potato Salad 109

Dixie Caviar 110

Greek Salad 113

Marinated Tomato and Cucumber Salad 114

Mediterranean Barley 115

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad 116

Southwestern Bean Salad 119

Warm Spinach and Mushroom Salad 120

The 10-Day Jumpstart Program 122

Sauces, Marinades, and Dressings 123

Balsamic BBQ Sauce 124

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing 124

Blue Cheez Dressing 125

Caesar Dressing 126

Cashew Cream 128

Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce 129

Cilantro-Wasabi Aioli 131

Creamy Chipotle and Black Peppercorn Dressing 132

Herb Cashew Salad Dressing 133

Italian Dressing 134

Marmara Sauce 136

Russian Dressing 137

Sweet Tahini Dressing 138

Tofu Cashew Mayonnaise 139

Tzatziki Sauce 141

Vegan Mushroom Gravy 142

Vegan Sour Cream 144

Spices and Toppings 145

Berbere Spice 146

Garam Masala 146

Italian Seasoning 147

Mexican Spice Blend 147

Pumpkin Pie Spice 148

Vegan Parmesan Sprinkle 148

The Mebane Experiment 149

Sandwiches, Burgers, and Wraps 151

Avocado-White Bean Salad Wrap 152

BBQ Jackfruit 153

Buffalo Tofu Hoagie 154

Easy Black Bean Burger 157

Edamame Burger 153

Eggless Tofu Salad 161

French Dip Sandwich 162

No-Tuna Tempeh Salad 165

Reuben Sandwich 166

Sloppy Joes 159

Stuffed Bagels 170

Thai Tofu Wraps 173

PlantPure Nation Profile: Patty Jones 174

Entrées 175

BBQ Black Beans and Corn over Quinoa 177

Beanie Veggie Loaf 178

Black Bean Enchilada Bake 181

Buddha Bowl 182

Buffalo Beans and Greens 185

Caribbean Quinoa Bowl 186

Ghana Masala 189

Costa Rican Beans and Rice (Gallo Pinto) 190

Crunchy Chickpea Tacos 193

Curried Potatoes 194

Fettuccine Alfredo with Roasted Vegetables 197

Fiesta Lime Taco Bowl 198

Garden Pizza 200

Irish Potatoes with Cabbage 201

Italian Eggplant Casserole 202

Jambalaya 205

Macaroni and No Cheese 206

Mushroom Stroganoff 209

Orange Stir-Fry 210

Palak Paneer, Tofu Style 213

Pesto Pizza 214

Portobello Mushroom and Broccoli Stir-Fry 217

Reuben Casserole 218

Roasted Vegetables 221

Sesame Noodle Lettuce Wraps 222

Spicy Black Beans over Rice 225

Spinach and Broccoli Enchiladas 226

Spinach Lasagna 229

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms 230

Sweet Mayan Burrito 233

Thai Curried Vegetables 234

Twice-Baked Broccoli Potatoes 237

Veggie Balls 238

White Veggie Lasagna 241

Zucchini Cakes 242

PlantPure Nation Profile: Tommy Privette 244

Side Dishes 245

Brown Puce with Nuts and Raisins 247

Cajun-Style Sweet Potato Fries 248

Carrot Rice Pilaf 251

Cauliflower Risotto 252

Green Vegetable Medley with Mustard Sauce 255

Mashed Potatoes 256

Roasted Asparagus with Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas 257

Roasted Beets and Greens 259

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Potatoes 260

Spicy Oven-Baked French Fries 261

The Problem of Food Deserts 262

Soups and Stews 263

Baked Potato Soup 264

Burgundy Stew 265

Creamy African Stew 266

Curried Carrot Soup 269

Ethiopian Stew 270

Minestrone Soup 273

New England Chowder 274

Split Pea Soup 277

Sweet Pepper-Coconut Corn Chowder 278

White Bean Chili 281

Taking Back Agriculture from Agribusiness 282

Desserts and Sweets 283

Carrot Cake 284

Chocolate-Avocado Pudding 287

Chocolate Chip Cookies 288

Chocolate Power Bites 291

Creamy Frosting 291

Date Bars 292

Date Nut Crust 295

Hot Fudge Sauce 295 No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie 296

Nut Butter Brownies 299

Pineapple Sorbet 300

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp 302


Dried Beans and Legumes Cooking Chart 304

Grains Cooking Chart 305

Recipe Index 307

Acknowledgments 317

About the Author 319

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