The Player's Power to Change the Game: Ludic Mutation

The Player's Power to Change the Game: Ludic Mutation

by Anne-Marie Schleiner


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ISBN-13: 9789089647726
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Publication date: 04/15/2017
Series: MediaMatters
Pages: 162
Sales rank: 1,164,683
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Anne-Marie Schleiner is artist, designer and an instructor of communications and new media at the National University of Singapore.

Anne-Marie Schleiner is engaged in gaming and media culture in a variety of roles as a critic, curator, activist, artist, and designer. She has participated in art residencies and given workshops in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Mexico. She has exhibited in international galleries, museums and festivals. Documentation of her performative culture work is available on the Video Data Bank. She holds a doctorate in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam, and her book, The Player's Power to Change the Game (Amsterdam University Press 2017) explores media art, activism, and game rhetoric. She has taught game design and digital art at universities in the United States, Mexico, and Singapore, and is a Lecturer in Design at the University of California, Davis.

Table of Contents

Introduction - The Player's Power to Change the Game 7

The Game vs the Player 10

Chapters 12

1 Lightness of Digital Doll Play 19

The KiSS Doll 20

From Dolls to Avatars 21

The Collaborative Unfolding Game 22

Ludic Mutation vs Ludic Statis in MMORPG's 25

A Virtual Space of Appearance 26

Gender, Identity Play, and the Active Disclosure of the Who 30

Disembodied Sensual Pleasure 32

Beyond the Dollhouse 33

2 Game Modding: Cross-Over Mutation and Unwelcome Gifts 35

A Brief History of First-Person Shooter Modding 38

Sandbox Worldbuilding: Interface Mods, and Expert Cheats 40

Artistic Noise in the System 44

Cross-Over Mutation of Play Material 49

Play Material 51

Thieving Parasites 54

A Common Sphere of Gifted Games 57

Rejected Gifts 58

3 Activist Game Rhetoric: Clockwork Worlds, Broken Toys, and Harrowing Missions 61

The Toy World System 61

Overseers of Toy World Operations 65

The Ordinariness of Interactive Toy World Equipment 71

Player vs Game 73

Harrowing Missions of Refugees 75

Broken Toys and the No-Play Imperative 82

4 City as Military Playground: Contested Urban Terrain 85

Military Playgrounds 86

Military Theories of Urban Occupation 89

From Deadly Play to Administrators of Life 92

The Artist's Intervention as Situationist Game 96

Hacking the City 100

Contesting the Terrain 103

Funny Resistance 107

Points of Detournement 108

5 Toys of Biopolis 111

Biopolitics, Apparatus, Gadget 117

The Biocontrol Society 123

Augmented Urban Reality and Paidiaic Toys 126

A Children's Biopolis 131

6 A Tactical Sketchbook for Ludic Mutation 133

Tactic #1 Elude 134

Tactic #2 Mutate from Within 135

Tactic #3 The Broken Toy Tactic 137

Tactic #4 Artistic Hacktivism 138

Tactic #5 Reprogrammable Toy Gadgetry 139

Notes 143

Bibliography 151

Index 157

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