The Pleasant Nights - Volume 2

The Pleasant Nights - Volume 2

by Don Beecher

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ISBN-13: 9781442699540
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
Publication date: 10/19/2012
Series: Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 672
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Donald Beecher is a professor in the Department of English at Carleton University.

Table of Contents

The Pleasant Nights, Volume II

The Greetings of Giovan Francesco Straparola of Garavaggio 3

[The Nights and Their Fables with Commentaries]

The Sixth Night

VI.1 Two Friends Who Held Their Wives in Common 7

VI.2 Castorio's Welcome Castration 29

VI.3 The Widow's Broken Promise 39

VI.4 Who Will Become Abbess? 47

VI.5 The Virtue of Stones 56

The Seventh Night

VII.1 The Wife, the Courtesan, and the Witch 67

VII.2 Malgherita Spolatina's Death at Sea 93

VII.3 Flogged at the Pope's Court 101

VII.4 Share and Share Alike 113

VII.5 The Three Brothers 123

The Eighth Night

VIII.1 The Three Idle Rogues 149

VIII.2 The Right Handling of Wives 169

VIII.3 The Priest and the Image-Carver's Wife 192

VIII.4 Lattanzio and the Secret Arts of Sorcery 212

VIII.5 The Donkey's Skin and the Doctor's Apprentice 236

VIII.3A The Woes of an Old Gallant 245

VIII.3B The Merchant's Monkey 254

The Ninth Night

IX.1 King Galafro's Vain Precautions 263

IX.2 Rodolino and Violante, or the Broken Hearts 276

IX.3 Francesco Sforza's Narrow Escape 293

IX.4 Papiro Schizza's Pedantry and the Scholar's Revenge 305

IX.5 Of the Bergamasques and the Florentines 318

The Tenth Night

X.1 Madonna Veronica Recovers Her Stolen Jewels 333

X.2 The Lion and the Ass Named 'Brancaleone' 343

X.3 Gesarino the Dragon Slayer 361

X.4 The Diabolical Testament of Andrigetto di Valsabbia 394

X.5 Rosolino's Confession for Love of His Son 406

The Eleventh Night

XI.1 Costantino and His Wonderful Cat 417

XI.2 The Grateful Dead, or Bertuccio and Tarquinia 446

XI.3 Wind, Water, and Shame, or the Gluttony of Dom Pomporio 475

XI.4 The Buffoon and the Stolen Veal 483

XI.5 Frate Bigoccio Takes a Wife and Leaves Her 491

The Twelfth Night

XII.1 How Florio's Wife Cures His Jealousy 503

XII.2 The Simpleton's Blackmail 508

XII.3 The Language of Animals and Pozzuolo's Wife 515

XII.4 Of the Sons Who Disobeyed Their Father's Testament 527

XII.5 How Pope Sixtus IV Made His Servant Rich 532

The Thirteenth Night

XIII.1 The Huntsman and the Madman 549

XIII.2 Diego, the Hens, and the Carmelite Friar 558

XIII.3 On the Liberality of Spaniards and Germans 569

XIII.4 The Servant, the Fly, and the Master 573

XIII.5 Vilio Brigantello, the Robber, and the Fateful Sack 584

XIII.6 How Lucilio Finds the 'Good Day' 589

XIII.7 Giorgio Hales His Master before the Tribunal 604

XIII.8 Midnight Feast and Famine 611

XIII.9 Of Filomena the Hermaphrodite Nun 617

XIII.10 The Judgments of Cesare, Doctor of Laws 630

XIII.11 The Novice's Night in the Barn 638

XIII.12 The Healing of King Guglielmo 648

XIII.13 How Pietro Rizzato Finds a Treasure and Becomes a Miser 655

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