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The Pocket Book of Patriotism
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The Pocket Book of Patriotism

4.5 2
by Jonathan Foreman, George Courtauld
A Stirring Celebration of American History and Ideals

A book that belongs in homes and schools across the country, The Pocket Book of Patriotism is an inspiring primer of patriotic literacy. Inspired by George Courtauld's Pocket Book of British Patriotism—the 2004 UK publishing phenomenon—Jonathan Foreman's companion book is


A Stirring Celebration of American History and Ideals

A book that belongs in homes and schools across the country, The Pocket Book of Patriotism is an inspiring primer of patriotic literacy. Inspired by George Courtauld's Pocket Book of British Patriotism—the 2004 UK publishing phenomenon—Jonathan Foreman's companion book is provocative, unpredictable, and refreshingly free of political correctness of any stripe. Here is the dramatic story of US history—the heroes, the stirring quotations, the great battles and voyages, the men and women who fought for freedom—uniquely projects against the backdrop of world history; here are the poems and songs that cut across partisan lines and make us all proud to be Americans.

  • A selective timeline of everything you've ever forgotten about US history (along with some fascinating facts and quotes that you were never taught in school) places America's chronology in the context of key world events...interspersed with fascinating quotes by important figures
  • Excerpts from key American speeches and core documents, with highlights from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; classic patriotic songs and poems
  • Chronological lists of US presidents as well as the states and their dates of accession to the Union
  • A primer on flag traditions and etiquette
  • A history of the Medal of Honor and other medals of valor

About the Author

Jonathan Foreman is a New York-based writer. A former columnist and film critic for the New York Post, and contributing editor at Manhattan Institute's City Journal, his work has appeared publications ranging from the Weekly Standard and the New Yorker. The son of blacklisted High Noon screenwriter Carl Foreman, the author's own sense of American patriotism was shaped by years as an American growing up between London and the US, and by his worldwide travels. But it was dramatically deepened by his experience of 9/11 and two tours as a war correspondent embedded with the US Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. A former lawyer, Foreman has an MA in history from Cambridge and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Editorial Reviews

Richard Snow
"Jonathan Foreman's brisk and bracing encapsulation of what made—and continues to make—us Americans is lively, valuable, and sometimes surprising (did you know that Offenbach wrote the music to the "Marine Corps Hymn"?). This telegraphic recounting of a great and continuing enterprise reminds us at once how brief is our history, and how rich our heritage."
American Heritage
Jay Nordlinger
"And do you know the writer Jonathan Foreman? You ought to. He's a political editorialist, a war reporter, a film critic, and an all-around brain. He has just put out a book called The Pocket Book of Patriotism, which contains materials that ought to be in every American's blood, or heart, or head."
National Review
Alan Caruba
"An excellent companion is The Pocket Book of Patriotism by Jonathan Foreman, which is not some flag-waving tribute, but a book that provides a remarkable time-line of American and world history, taking it from the beginning of civilization through to today. It provides, side by side, a look at the major events that shaped the world and our nation. There is, in addition, brief, useful information about our Presidents, the States, and significant documents. This is just a first-rate reference book that should be in everyone's library."

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The Pocket Book of Patriotism 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Patriotism has gotten a pretty negative press for the last few decades, coming to be associated with war-mongering and retrograde political views generally. That, of course, confuses patriotism with nationalism i.e., confuing love of one's coutnry with a belief in its innate superiority over all others. There's is nothing wrong with the former. Indeed, a healthy sense of patriotism is indispensable if the life of ordered liberty that we enjoy is to go on. Why bother resisting terroism if there is nothing about your own society you think worth preserving? What Lincoln called 'the mystic chords of memory,' however, don't just happen. People have to be taught to love their country, its institutions, and its traditions. This little collection of poems, song lyrics and stories is just the hing to help a parent do that when dealing with cynical, restless children. It's also great for adults themselves, who all too frequently have been deprived of a proper inculcation of patriotism themselves.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The idea of patriotism, the love of one's country, has gone seriously out of style in our ironic, post-post-modernist era. We're all supposedly 'citizens of the world' now, and patriotism is seen as hopelessly retrograde at best or a serious threat to world peace at worse. As the recent riots in the Middle East and elsewhere demonstrate, however, not everyone else is sold on this 'citizens of the world' idea. When the rubber meets the road in today's globe, the United States is still on its own. And that means patriotism still has a very powerful role to play. So where does patriotism come from? Well, it doesn't just happen. People need to be taught, as children, the contributions the people of their country have made to sum of human happiness. This is especially true in the United States, where a common culture is increasingly a thing of the past and no tie of blood exists to ensure national loyalties. Jonathan Foreman and Simon Cortauld have prformed a simple yet invaluable service with this book. They reprint many of the great documents, hymns, prayers and songs of American history, along with a useful timeline of great events. It's compact and easily carried and doesn't intimidate young readers who, these days, seem to have the attention span of a music video. A terrific idea and contribution. Well worth your time and money.