The Pocket Diet and Recipe Book: Perfect Portion Control that Works!

The Pocket Diet and Recipe Book: Perfect Portion Control that Works!



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ISBN-13: 9780980211801
Publisher: LINX Corporation
Publication date: 08/28/2008
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword Donna M Manning Introduction Why the Pocket Diet? 3 About the Pocket Diet Creators 4 Obesity: An American Epidemic 6 Chapter 1 The Pocket Diet: An Effective Way to Manage Your Weight What Is The Pocket Diet? 7 Why the Pocket Diet was Created 8 Pocket Diet Study: Proven Effective and Satisfying 8 Diet and Weight Loss Facts 10 Quick Quiz 12 Portion Control: An Essential Principal of the Pocket Diet 13 In a Pocket: The Basic Pocket Diet Plan 13 Convenience: The Pocket Diet Difference 14 Chapter 2 Weight Loss 101 Metabolism - Your Body's Engine 17 Does Dieting Work? 17 Body Mass Index: What You Should Weigh 18 Body Mass Index Table 19 Basal Metabolic Rate: How Much Should You Eat 20 Calorie Chart 21 Managing and Improving Metabolism 21 Eight Safe and Natural Ways to Rev up Your Metabolism 22 Water, Water, Everywhere 23 Weight Loss Tips and Traps 24 Chapter 3 Good Nutrition: You and Your Food Eating Healthy, Losing Weight 27 Changing and Dealing with Metabolism 28 The New Food Pyramid 29 Nutrition Facts: What They Are, How to Read Labels 29 The Skinny on Fats 30 The Good, Not-So-Good, and the Real Dangerous 31 Cholesterol - The Good and the Bad 33 Good vs. Bad Cholesterol 34 Proteins: The Body's Building Blocks 34 The Importance of Fiber 35 Simple Ways to Incorporate Fiber 36 Sodium: Good, but in Moderation 36 Ways to Reduce Salt Intake 36 Carbohydrates: The Staff of Life 37 Chapter 4 Fitness: A Lifetime Commitment Introducing Exercise into Your Life 39 Fitness Facts 39 Walking is a Great Place to Start 40 What's your Heart Rate? 42 Stretching, Aerobics, and Strength Training: Keeping It Balanced 43 Stretching 43 StretchProgram 43 Aerobics 45 The Importance of Strength Training 46 Strength Training Program 47 Physical Activity and Calories Burned 49 Chapter 5 The Pocket Diet Meal Plan How Many Calories Do You Need? 51 Meals and the Pocket Diet 51 About the Kangaroo Pocket 52 Basic Meal Plans 52 Three Meal Plans 54 Out of Pocket Meals 57 How to Pick a Breakfast Cereal 57 The Pocket Plate 60 Still Hungry? 61 Managing Snacks 61 Best Snack List 62 Planning your Meals 62 Tips for Pocket Diet 64 Chapter 6 Recipes About the Ingredients 67 About Utensils: Equipping your Kitchen for the Pocket Diet 68 Pocket Diet Shopping List 69 Recipe Index 72 Appendix Free Food List 243 Foods High in Saturated Fats 244 Non-starchy Vegetables 245 Healthy Heart Proteins 245 Milk Substitutes 245 Pocket Bread Equivalent 246

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