The Pocket Guide to Dice and Dice Games

The Pocket Guide to Dice and Dice Games

by Dr. Keith Souter

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The Pocket Guide to Dice and Dice Games by Dr. Keith Souter

Dice have been played for centuries and are a staple of the playground, board games and casinos alike. This pocket guide contains their history and clear explanations to popular dice games, including farkle (played since the Middle Ages), Gluckhaus (a German game of fortune, played since Medieval Times), craps and Jacks, including tips on winning and how to avoid being tricked by loaded or ‘crooked’ dice. Famous dice players include Augustus and Caligula, the Roman Emperors – the latter lost all his money playing dice and quickly stole other people’s and carried on gaming. In Regency times, fortunes could be won and lost at the roll of a die and it was not only money which was gambled away but estates and even marriages. Full of fascinating facts and useful tips, this is a must-read book for everyone interesting in games, gambling and social history.

Did you know?
• Dice derives from the Latin, datum meaning ‘ought to be played’
• The black marks showing the numbers are called pits
• Dice were first played in India c. 3000 BC
• They were originally made from bones, including knuckle and ankle bones
• Traditionally cubed, they also come in other geometric shapes, incuding the zocchihedron, the 100-side dice and the deltoidal icositetrahedron where each side is shaped like a kite

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About the Author

Dr Keith Souter is a part time doctor, medical journalist, non-fiction author and novelist. He has written over thirty books, including twelve novels in four different genres. His interests are very varied, from archaeology to zoology, which is reflected in the range of books he has written. He is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association, International Thriller Writers, and The Medical Journalists’ Association. He is also a Friend of the Magic Circle.

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