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The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost

The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost

by Kat Giordano
The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost

The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost

by Kat Giordano


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On the night that I open my first MFA rejection letter,

Charles Bukowski appears in the corner of my college apartment

in stained khakis and a yellowed white undershirt,

swirling Jim Beam in a lowball glass...

The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost is Kat Giordano's debut full-length poetry collection.

"This book is full of cutting truths and visceral honesty, softened by the same hand that sharpened it. It's rare to find a poet who is able to so effortlessly infuse comedy and humor into serious, heart-breaking poetry, but you find that in The Poet Confronts Bukowski's Ghost. Kat's vulnerability and openness feels almost effortless, and will make everyone who reads this collection want to be braver." -- Caitlyn Siehl, author of Crybaby

"Kat Giordano's work reads like the human body after a crime of passion. And you look up and realize what you have done and the poems are over and you are sitting in a pool of blood. Or is it your own tears? You will feel a wetness and a hurt, like you did not want it to be over and then it was." -- Heather Bell, author of A Horse Made of Fire

"Kat Giordano is a fearless poet of and for our troubled times. The voices in her poems struggle a lot. There's anxiety and self-doubt. There's Poet Man and MeToo and the lie of Bob Ross's fluffy evergreens - fake beauty that can lull a person into believing the world is prettier and more promising than it is. These are poems filled with speakers who know the fight for their artistic and literal survival -- however impossible it seems -- is their only option. . . What a fresh and edged voice this is. A fierce debut." -- Lori Jakiela, author of Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732292208
Publisher: Philosophical Idiot
Publication date: 06/03/2018
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Kat Giordano is a poet and massive millennial crybaby from Pennsylvania. She co-edits Philosophical Idiot and works at a law firm somehow. Her work has appeared in places like Maudlin House, OCCULUM, CLASH Magazine and CLASH Media, and The Cincinnati Review, as well as many unopened and unanswered manic Facebook messages. Kat tweets at @giordkat and sells/promotes things on Please be nice to Kat. Batteries not included.

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