The Political Economy of Ageing and Later Life: Critical Perspectives

The Political Economy of Ageing and Later Life: Critical Perspectives


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This timely new collection presents the most important and influential articles and papers on ageing and later life of the past half century. The editors examine policy creation and implementation, practice and critical gerontology including both feminist and international perspectives. Including an original introduction and key works not available in scholarly libraries, this is a critical assembly of work and will be of immense assistance to anyone looking to understand the consequences of our ageing population on society.

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ISBN-13: 9781843762485
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 10/14/2014
Pages: 640
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About the Author

Edited by Alan Walker, Professor of Social Policy and Social Gerontology, Department of Sociological Studies and Liam Foster, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Sheffield, UK

Table of Contents

Introduction Liam Foster and Alan Walker
1. Peter Townsend (1981), ‘The Structured Dependency of the Elderly: A Creation of Social Policy in the Twentieth Century’
2. Alan Walker (1980), ‘The Social Creation of Poverty and Dependency in Old Age’
3. Alan Walker (1981), ‘Towards a Political Economy of Old Age’
4. Carroll L. Estes (2001), 'Political Economy of Aging: A Theoretical Framework'
5. Anne-Marie Guillemard (1983), ‘The Making of Old Age Policy in France: Points of Debate, Issues at Stake, Underlying Social Relations’
6. Chris Phillipson (1982), ‘The Emergence of Retirement’
7. Jill Quadagno and Jennifer Reid (1999), ‘The Political Economy Perspective in Aging’
8. William Graebner (1980), ‘Retirement and the Origins of Age Discrimination’
9. Chris Phillipson (1998), ‘The Development of Critical Gerontology’
10. Carroll L. Estes, Karen W. Linkins and Elizabeth A. Binney (2001), 'Critical Perspectives on Aging'
11. Meredith Minkler (1996), ‘Critical Perspectives on Ageing: New Challenges for Gerontology’
12. Alan Walker (1999), ‘Political Policy and Theories of Aging: Constructing and Reconstructing Old Age’
13. Chris Phillipson (1983), ‘The State, the Economy and Retirement’
14. Debra Street and Jill Quadagno (1993), ‘The State, the Elderly, and the Intergenerational Contract: Toward a New Political Economy of Aging’
15. Carroll L. Estes (1986), ‘The Aging Enterprise: In Whose Interests?’
16. Chris Phillipson (2010), ‘Active Ageing and Universities: Engaging Older Learners’
17. Gail Wilson (1997), ‘A Postmodern Approach to Structured Dependency Theory’
18. Jaber F. Gubrium and J. Brandon Wallace (1990), ‘Who Theorises Age?’
19. Chris Phillipson (2008), ‘Authoring Aging: Personal and Social Constructions’
20. Jason L. Powell and Jon Hendricks (2009), ‘The Sociological Construction of Ageing: Lessons for Theorising’
21. Chris Gilleard and Paul Higgs (2002), ‘The Third Age: Class, Cohort or Generation?’
22. Cherry Russell (1987), ‘Ageing as a Feminist Issue’
23. Mike Bury (1995), ‘Ageing, Gender and Sociological Theory’
24. Tony Maltby (1994), ‘Patriarchy, Dependency and ‘Societal’ Policy’, in Women and Pensions in Britain and Hungary’
25. Leopold Rosenmayr and Eva Köckeis (1963), ‘Propositions for a Sociological Theory of Ageing and the Family’
26. Jo Harrison (1983), ‘Women and Ageing: Experience and Implications’
27. Julie Ann McMullin (2000), ‘Diversity and the State of Sociological Aging Theory’
28. Alan Walker (1990), ‘The Economic ‘Burden’ of Ageing and the Prospect of Intergenerational Conflict’
29. Alan Walker and Bob Deacon (2003), ‘Economic Globalization and Policies on Aging’
30. Carroll L. Estes and Chris Phillipson (2002), ‘The Globalization of Capital, the Welfare State, and Old Age Policy’

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