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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
The Politics of Modern Europe: The State and Political Authority in the Major Democracies / Edition 2

The Politics of Modern Europe: The State and Political Authority in the Major Democracies / Edition 2

by Michael Keating
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ISBN-13: 9781858989631
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/1999
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1Politics and the State in Western Europe1
Nation and State1
The Nation-state2
The Scope of the State7
Conceptions of the State10
Constitutionalism and Liberal Democracy12
The State and the Citizen14
Political Institutions15
Territorial Government18
The State, Bureaucracy, Interests and Policy Making22
The State and Bureaucracy22
Interest Groups25
Models of Policy Making28
Challenges to the State29
Patterns of Politics39
Social Cleavages39
Patronage and Clientelism45
Values and Ideology46
Political Currents49
Socialism and Social Democracy51
The Far Left and New Left59
Christian Democracy62
The Extreme Right65
The Greens68
2The United Kingdom73
State and Government in the United Kingdom73
Government and Prime Minister78
Parties and Elections93
The Conservative Party95
The Labour Party100
The Liberals and the Centre108
Electoral Behaviour112
The State, Administration and Public Policy Making115
Government Departments and the Civil Service115
Interest Groups and Policy Making121
Britain and Europe130
Territorial Politics133
Northern Ireland140
Local Government150
Constitutional Reform153
State and Government in France157
The Presidency163
Government and Parliament167
Presidential or Parliamentary System?171
Judicial Control175
Parties and Elections176
The Gaullists and RPR179
The UDF183
The Socialists184
The Communists189
The Extreme Right191
The Greens195
Electoral Behaviour197
Government, Groups and Policy Making200
Interest Groups204
The State and Policy Making205
France and European Integration211
Territorial Politics213
State and Government in Italy225
Partitocrazia and the First Republic, 1948-94231
Parties and Elections233
The Christian Democrats236
The Communists and PDS242
The Socialists248
The Lay Parties and the Fringe Parties250
The Crisis of the Partitocrazia252
The New Party System255
The Leagues255
The National Alliance258
Forza Italia260
The Olive Tree261
Government and Parliament264
The President264
Prime Minister and Government265
Judicial Control268
The State, Administration and Policy Making268
The Bureaucracy269
The Sottogoverno270
Interest Groups272
Public Policy Making277
Territorial Politics280
North-South Question281
The Periphery284
The Ordinary Regions285
Local Government287
Corruption and Scandals288
Corruption in Government289
The Mafia and Others290
Destabilization and subversion293
Constitutional Reform297
State and Nation in Germany301
Constitution and Government313
The Basic Law314
The Federal President315
Chancellor and Government316
The Constitutional Court323
Parties and Elections325
The Christian Democrats326
The Social Democrats329
The Free Democrats332
The Greens333
The Extreme Right335
The Communists and the PDS337
Electoral Behaviour339
The State, Bureaucracy and Public Policy343
The Bureaucracy344
Interest Groups345
Policy Making348
Territorial Politics352
East-West Strains352
Local Government362
Germany and European Integration363
State and Government in Spain367
The Transition to Democracy372
Constitution and Government375
Parties and Elections380
Electoral Behaviour391
The State, Administration and Policy Making395
The Bureaucracy395
Interest Groups398
Policy Making403
Territorial Politics409
7European Integration427
The Idea of European Integration427
The Progress of Integration434
EU Institutions443
The Commission443
The Council of the European Union444
The European Council446
The European Parliament446
The European Court of Justice449
Interest Groups and Consultation450
Policy Making and Policies in the EU451
Substantive Policies454
Financing the EU456
Economic and Monetary Union460
The Social Dimension464
Common Foreign and Security Policy467
Citizenship, Free Movement and Home Affairs470
European Integration and the Regions471

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