The Popular Cyclopedia Of Biblical Literature

The Popular Cyclopedia Of Biblical Literature

by John Kitto


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The Popular Cyclopedia Of Biblical Literature by John Kitto

This is just the work for Sabbath School Teachers, the Family Library, and for everyone, indeed, who wishes aid in the study of the Scriptures. It contains an immense amount of important information to be found nowhere else.

The New York Commercial Advertiser
"This is a Dictionary of scriptural topics, which should find a place in every library. Sunday School Teachers, and all who study the Scriptures, will find this Cyclopaedia a more valuable auxiliary than any work extant of which we have a knowledge.
It is the result of the combined biblical, scholastic, and scientific minds of the highest order, and scarcely a question can arise in the mind of the reader of the Sacred Book, but may be answer by reference to this comprehensive volume. For the Family Library, as well as for Bible Classes and Sunday School Teachers, we cordially recommend it."

The Puritan Recorder
"Here we have the larger work referred to in the title, boiled down more than one half, and made more strong and rich by the evaporation. To that numerous and most useful class of laborers in the Lord's vineyard, the Sabbath School Teachers, we would respectfully offer our advice to appropriate three dollars each to make themselves possessors of this valuable help for the discharge of their duties. If any one of them should not have the money, we counsel him 'to sell his garment and buy one.' "

The Philadelphia Christian Observer
"This is a large handsome and valuable book; it is very happily adapted to meet the wants of the Family. the Sunday School Teacher, and the great majority of the Christian public. As a Bible Dictionary, it is a work of distinguished merit, embodying the results of the best and most recent researches in biblical literature, in which the scholars of Europe and America have been engaged."

The Mercantile Journal
"We have examined the work with the greatest interest, and can assure our readers that it is a book of no ordinary value. We know of no work which is more worthy a place by the side of the Bible in every family. It is a book which the Bible reader will consult with pleasure and which will enhance the interest of the Bible itself, by making the render more thoroughly acquainted with the localities mentioned therein, with the circumstances connected with the preparation of each book of the sacred Word with the manners and customs of the ancients, with the geography of the Holy Land, in short, with every thing connected with the literature of the Bible which would be likely to be of interest to the ordinary reader."

The Albany Spectator
"Here is indeed a rich treasury for the minister and the church, embodying the products of the best, most recent, and reliable researches in biblical literature, and presented in a form so full, and yet so condensed, as to put it within the reach of hundreds of ministers who did not feel able to purchase the unabridged work In this volume you have the pith of the entire work."

The Christian Chronicle
"It is a work of immense research, embodying the latest results of biblical study, contributed by a large corps of enthusiastic and venerable scholars.
For reference In the family for the use of the Sabbath School Teacher and for Bible Classes, it is beyond comparison the best biblical manual issued from the press. We predict for it an extensive circulation, for it must gradually displace Robinson's Camlet, an the other smaller and more incomplete manuals which have hitherto been in common use."

The New York Christian Intelligencer
"We know of no work in the language, as a repository of biblical literature, to be at all compared with this most valuable collection of Dr. Kitto. This work is an emanation from more than forty of the most able and profound scholars in sacred literature to be found in the world. England, Scotland, Germany, and these United States, have all here a most respectable representation; and the work does honor to them all."

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