The post calvin: Essays 2016-2019

The post calvin: Essays 2016-2019

The post calvin: Essays 2016-2019

The post calvin: Essays 2016-2019


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In this collection of essays, forty-four Calvin University graduates under thirty years old share the most interesting and intimate parts of their twenty-first-century lives.

They stride into the fallout of their purity culture childhoods. They share their alcoholism, chronic illnesses, and miscarriages. They canoe the most dan­gerous river in Michigan, build com­munities out of dating apps, and delight in the not-so-simple joys of cooking.

Montaigne, the father of the personal essay, confessed, “Many things that I would not care to tell any individual man I tell to the public, and for knowledge of my most secret thoughts, I refer my most loyal friends to a bookseller’s stall.” These writers carry on in Montaigne’s honest tradition. Scattered across the world—Grand Rapids to Manhattan, Honduras to Germany—they take us into their confidence and get political, religious, and personal. They talk about Trump, guns, and being queer. Some reject Christianity; others become clergy. Friends die in this book. Babies are born. Some writers get married (for better and worse), and others stay single. It’s all on the table.

This collection has an expansive range that mirrors the sprawl of millennial life. But “sprawl” suggests laziness, and the lives in these pages are anything but. These writers are searching, striving, failing, learning, and sometimes succeeding—all the while trying to make things better, even if they don’t agree what “better” really is.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998336848
Publisher: Joshua Delacy
Publication date: 12/12/2019
Pages: 452
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.13(d)

About the Author

NPR called Josh "a modern-day Jack Kerouac" after he wrote about his 7,000-mile, no-money hitchhiking journey through the United States. Since hitchhiking, he has found homes in the Pacific Northwest, the Episcopal Church, and the post calvin. He builds websites as the director of Branded Look LLC. Josh's writing has appeared in places such as The Emerson Review, Front Porch Review, and Perspectives.

Table of Contents

Preface by Josh deLacy

Foreword by Susan Buist


by Meg Schmidt


by Katerina Parsons, Bart Tocci, Julia LaPlaca, Caitlin Gent, Paula Manni


by Elaine Schnabel, India Daniels, Katie Van Zanen, Gwyneth Findlay, Gabe Gunnink


by Caroline (Higgins) Nyczak, Brad Zwiers, Matt Medendorp, Josh deLacy


by Will Montei, Josh deLacy, Tony Ditta, Caroline (Higgins) Nyczak


by Tony Ditta, Jacob Schepers, Josh Parks, Meg Schmidt


by Ben DeVries, Elaine Schnabel, Andrew Knot, Julia LaPlaca


by Cotter Koopman, Katie Van Zanen, Catherine Kramer, Jenna Griffin, Ben DeVries, Caitlin Gent, Alissa (Goudswaard) Anderson


by Katerina Parsons, Abby Zwart, Andrew Orlebeke, Josh deLacy, Jack Van Allsburg, Katerina Parsons, Andrew Orlebeke


by Nick Meekhof, Abby Zwart, Rebekah (Williamson) Medendorp, Brad Zwiers, Andrew Knot


by Carolyn Muyskens, Will Montei, Emily Joy Stroble, Jeffrey Peterson, Lauren (Boersma) Harris


by Nick Meekhof, Matt Coldagelli, Sadie Burgher, Olivia Harre, Mary Margaret Healy


by Abby Zwart, Geneva Langeland, Josh deLacy, Ben Rietema, Bart Tocci, Jenna Griffin, India Daniels, Paula Manni


by Ben DeVries, Paul Menn, Nick Meekhof, Julia LaPlaca, Cassie Westrate, Gabe Gunnink


by Bart Tocci, Meg Schmidt, Catherine Kramer, Will Montei


by Mary Margaret Healy, Brad Zwiers, Jack Van Allsburg, Cassie Westrate


by Paul Menn, Caroline (Higgins) Nyczak, Matt Cambridge, Lauren (Boersma) Harris


by Will Montei, Abby Zwart, Mary Margaret Healy, Courtney Zonnefeld, Andrew Knot, Matt Coldagelli, Gabe Gunnink

Afterword by Will Montei

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