The Potter and the Clay: Hard Pressed on Every Side but Not Destroyed

The Potter and the Clay: Hard Pressed on Every Side but Not Destroyed

by Ellis D Lucas
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How do you place God in your heart when you never believed He was there from the start?
Ellis Lucas saw no hope of salvation or meaning in life or the world around him. Isolation, uncontrollable anger, and violence, abandonment and feeling unwanted, describes a lost and broken young Ellis, inebriated by drinking from the deceptive cisterns and poisoned waters of this passing age!
His life had spiraled into years of addiction, a violent car wreck, almost losing his life in a house fire, mounting debts, jail, a broken marriage and eventually a single choice, life or death? As he was ready to surrender, only then did he begin to see, through the eyes of God, the signs around him-even in the cat he swore he'd kill-that there was purpose and promise.
In his pivotal debut book, Ellis takes you through his harrowing journey that is part drug addiction memoirs interwoven with true stories of abuse and emotional abuse recovery. You'll see the struggle, the pain, and come to know what it truly means to have God's grace in your suffering.
Like clay, we are crafted by the hands that hold us, cherish us and mold us, but we also make our decisions in a world full of vices we find hard to escape. All too often we forget that our self-destructive behaviors hurt not only ourselves, but those we love most. The Potter and the Clay is an extraordinary and poignant testimony of a father to his son, but it is also the remarkable story of spiritual healing; of one man's crafted deliverance into the hands of God and how divine providence can turn ashes and the wreckage of a shattered life into a work of heavenly art.

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ISBN-13: 9780989679244
Publisher: Pearl Press
Publication date: 03/06/2014
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.45(d)

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The Potter and the Clay: Hard Pressed on Every Side, But Not Destroyed 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TeamGolfwellcom 8 days ago
I enjoyed reading “The Potter and the Clay: Hard Pressed on Every Side, But Not Destroyed” by Ellis Lucas which I found to be a highly moving and emotional story about a man who had everything go wrong in his life due to unwise and foolish choices and his amazing rebirth and emergence into a wonderful and very meaningful life through prayer. The author started this book about his amazing transformation in life as a letter to his son and it became a book and I am glad he shared his journey since I believe after I finished this book that most people (no matter what your walk is in life) will benefit by reading it. The author writes a well-paced story showing him falling into hopelessness and despair and finding himself through prayer and faith in God. What is amazing to me is that this is a truly remarkable true story which in my opinion surpasses most fictional stories about a person emerging from disaster. The author has a sharp mind and without holding back, he boldly and sincerely describes the tragic state his life and mental state were in. Here is a brief excerpt, “I began to drink alcohol heavily, mostly beer, but after some time that wasn’t enough to kill the pain, so I began drinking Jim Beam whiskey along with beer. It only got worse as I turned to cocaine and then meth, which soon left me incapacitated and unable to work. “…At that point in my life, I had so much anger boiling inside me that I could have killed a person under the right circumstances, not on purpose, but through a blind rage. I was definitely out of control.” I enjoyed the way the author describes his thought processes. Here is another brief excerpt, “He asked about my experience and what my favorite pastime was. I thought that seemed a little odd, but perhaps he was just fishing around to see what kind of person I was away from work. It would be a huge responsibility handing a complete stranger a set of keys to one of their trucks and having him keep it at his home 300 miles away. I told him I had been working for Mid Cities Motor Freight for the past four years and that my favorite pas-time was learning to play praise and worship music for my church. I told him I had become a Christian almost four years earlier and that I was hopelessly in love with Jesus Christ. I thought that was one way of knowing if this was of God or not, and it would confirm everything I needed to know. “He smiled a great big smile and said, “Wow, my family is a gospel group that travels and sings.” I also enjoyed and was enlightened to read his interesting and relevant bible passages this author inserts throughout his story. All in all, I believe this book should be read by anyone who feels depressed or who has a loved one or friend who is on a downward spiral with nowhere to turn for help. Finally, in my opinion, I felt this brilliant author simply tells his remarkable story and I believe it will create for anyone a life-changing impression with determination to do the right thing. Also, as a practical matter, I felt the author gives clear direction for making good choices and living a good life. Very well done!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Patsy Glans for Readers' Favorite The Potter and the Clay, by Ellis Lucas, is the story of how the author was in a deep dark hole. He did this to himself with years of addiction, a horrible car accident and almost dying in a house fire. His debts far exceeded his income, he spent time in prison, and his marriage was on the rocks. There was only one way to go from there and that was up. As he went to each of the people he had borrowed money from, asking for their forgiveness and making an honest effort to pay them back, even just a few dollars, he felt a weight being lifted from his shoulders. He went to each person he had hurt in some way and asked for forgiveness and they forgave him. He was truly amazed by the power of salvation and has turned his life around; he now has a new-found lease on life.   The Potter and the Clay by Ellis Lucas is the journey of a man in the depths of despair, climbing his way out of it to the triumph of forgiveness and embracing salvation. This book gave me hope in my situation, making amends and asking for forgiveness from those I have unknowingly hurt in some way. Our destinies are already written, but we as humans need to travel through the trials and the bumps in the road to the end, whether it is bitter or sweet. We do have the power to change the written destiny if we welcome the spirit of the Lord into our hearts, minds and souls. I recommend The Potter and the Clay for anyone who is struggling and needs a helping hand.