The Power of Breaking Fear: The Secret to Emotional Power, Wealth, and True Happiness

The Power of Breaking Fear: The Secret to Emotional Power, Wealth, and True Happiness

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Regarded by U.S. News and Fortune 500 companies as one of the best overall developmental tools in the past 30 years! Read the book in one day – change your life in one day. Read the book in one week – change your life in one week. What you think you want to do, and what you think that you can’t do, is transformed into what you will do. This book is as real as it gets for keeping it simple to build up your greatest asset - which is yourself, and how you interact with all of your surroundings everyday to fuel the negative into the positive, fears into courage, and open-mindedness into a thundering new way of looking at life. Rated as one of the highest ranked books for immediately making overwhelming, permanent life changes. The second edition of The Power Of Breaking Fear by award-winning author Tim S. Marshall turns around salesforces, individual lives, and companies overnight. This book has been used as a workbook by Fortune 500 companies, with explosive techniques within the book on building relationships, breaking fear, prospecting, presenting, and closing, as well as interpersonal growth for families, friends, and organizations, as reported by U.S. News. Readers have used these techniques to triple their sales, incomes, and personal relationships instantly. This book turns rejection into major sales and financial growth immediately! This "crash test dummy" as he refers to himself, is now an award-winning author, a renowned motivational speaker, a TV & radio personality, a proud father, and a national phenomenon. Inc. Magazine honored him four years in a row as one of "The fastest growing companies in America", with over three million applicants. He sold his company to an international corporation for millions, and has since taught leadership skills to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and entire sales force teams.

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ISBN-13: 9781623860271
Publication date: 06/28/2016
Series: Power of Breaking Fear , #1
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Awareness Takes You Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 2 There is No Poster Child for Success

Chapter 3 Breaking Fear With an Open Mind

Chapter 4 If You Practice, Change Will Come

Chapter 5 Mr. Mind, Tear Down This Wall

Chapter 6 Uniquely Mine

Chapter 7 Primitive Power-Controlling Our Words

Chapter 8 Don't Be a Prisoner of Your Own Perceptions

Chapter 9 Do You Want to Live Your Life or Live Someone Else's?

Chapter 10 What Stands in the Way of Your Vision?

Chapter 11 Back to Tim Marshall: My Projected Outcome

Chapter 12 Zingers and Negative Evidence Detectives

Chapter 13 Overpowering Zingers with "SMOKE AND FIRE"

Chapter 14 Stopping the Doom's Day Negative Evidence Detectives

Chapter 15 Practice Being Kind When You Feel at Your Worst

Chapter 16 The Tim Marshall Breakthrough: Beating My NEDs

Chapter 17 Living in Yesterday

Chapter 18 Lost in Potential -From Negative Action to Positive Action

Chapter 19 Activity/Action

Chapter 20 Is Fear Stopping You from Action?

Chapter 21 Face Down Your Fears with Evidence

Chapter 22 Defensive Pride and Ego: Part of Fear

Chapter 23 Back to Me: Tim Marshall and Intimidation

Chapter 24 The Fear of the Student and the Student in All of Us

Chapter 25 You Are a Business

Chapter 26 But I Don't Have Time To Invest In Myself!

Chapter 27 Growth Versus Fear

Chapter 28 The Final Lessons I have Learned

Chapter 29 Fear of Math

Chapter 30 Tim Marshall-No Way He'll Make It!

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