The Power of Home 90-Day Devotional: Building a Strong Family Day by Day

The Power of Home 90-Day Devotional: Building a Strong Family Day by Day

by Ted Cunningham, Amy Cunningham

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You and your family can take charge of your spiritual development right now! Based on the book The Power of Home, authors Ted and Amy Cunningham have created this 90-day devotional to help build strength and stability in your home. With The Power of Home 90-Day Devotional, you'll learn to prioritize family time and even how to make the most of otherwise wasted time, like car rides long and short. In this unique spiritual development method, every member of your household has a role to play in the spiritual growth of your home. Your family will grow closer to each other and to Jesus as you discuss important topics, including, marriage, money, communication, anger, forgiveness, heaven, and the purpose of life. Promote your family's spiritual health now and in the future with this valuable resource.

For a more in-depth study on your family's spiritual development, pair with The Power of Home by Ted Cunningham.

Features include:

  • Full Scripture verses for ease of use
  • Application questions for individual or group study
Tips and tools to promote spiritual growth

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ISBN-13: 9781680670554
Publisher: Salubris Resources
Publication date: 01/12/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
File size: 418 KB

About the Author

Ted and Amy Cunningham founded Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri, in 2002. They met at Liberty University in 1995 and married the next year. They live in Branson with their two children, Corynn and Carson. Ted and Amy are coauthors of Around the Family Table. Ted is the author of The Power of Home, Fun Loving You, and Trophy Child and the coauthor of four books with Dr. Gary Smalley. For more information about Ted and Amy, visit

Ted Cunningham is a graduate of Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary whose previous books include Fun Loving You and Trophy Child. He has also co-authored four books with Dr. Gary Smalley. Cunningham founded Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri, where he has ministered for more than thirteen years. He and his wife Amy have two children.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Day 1 Fill You Up 1

Day 2 Jesus Is My Source 3

Day 3 Honor Marriage 5

Day 4 Enjoy Marriage 7

Day 5 Prioritize Marriage 9

Day 6 Who's the Queen? 11

Day 7 The Unity Candle 13

Day 8 Holiness vs. Happiness 16

Day 9 Supporting Your Child's Marriage 18

Day 10 Parents Blessing Marriage 21

Day 11 Boundaries with In-Laws 24

Day 12 The Case for Married Dating 27

Day 13 Removing the D Word from Your Marriage 29

Day 14 The Family Table 32

Day 15 The Family Constitution 34

Day 16 Laughing Together 37

Day 17 A Family Hobby 40

Day 18 Prioritizing Family Getaways 43

Day 19 A Refreshing Marriage and Home 46

Day 20 Life Support 48

Day 21 Promoting Your Spouse in Public 51

Day 22 Children Who Know They Are Saved 54

Day 23 Talk About the Lord Throughout the Day 57

Day 24 Asking Questions 59

Day 25 God's Big Ten 62

Day 26 Number Your Days 65

Day 27 Checking Your Gauges 68

Day 28 Sabbath Rest 71

Day 29 Adding Margin to Your Day 74

Day 30 Grateful for Mom 76

Day 31 Grateful for Dad 78

Day 32 The High Value of Children 80

Day 33 The Gap Between Expectations and Reality 82

Day 34 What's Your Personality? 85

Day 35 Parenting Styles 88

Day 36 Prioritizing Jesus in My Family 91

Day 37 Respecting Parents 93

Day 38 Gifts from Your Heavenly Father 96

Day 39 Online Discretion 98

Day 40 Is Your Age Important? 101

Day 41 Leveraging Your Age 104

Day 42 Promoting Marriage to Singles 107

Day 43 A Safe Home 110

Day 44 Guarding Your Home 112

Day 45 Character vs. Compatibility 115

Day 46 Where Does Beauty Come From? 118

Day 47 Guarding Marriage 120

Day 48 Adulthood Milestones 122

Day 49 The Gift of Earning 125

Day 50 Work Hard 128

Day 51 Dirty Jobs 130

Day 52 God Owns It All 132

Day 53 Saving for a Rainy Day 135

Day 54 Earn, Give, Save, Then Spend 137

Day 55 The Love of Money 140

Day 56 Less Is More 142

Day 57 The Joy of Giving 145

Day 58 Secret Giving 148

Day 59 Be Careful Who You Partner With 150

Day 60 Restoring Through Remarkable Service 153

Day 61 Practicing Hospitality in Public 156

Day 62 No More Blaming 159

Day 63 Helping a Friend Through a Marriage Crisis 162

Day 64 Promptness Honors Others 165

Day 65 "There You Are" 167

Day 66 Deep in the Heart 170

Day 67 The Primary Source 173

Day 68 God's Love Language 175

Day 69 The Word of God in You 178

Day 70 Memorizing and Meditating on Scripture 180

Day 71 Unresolved Anger 182

Day 72 Forgive One Another 184

Day 73 Roadblocks to Forgiveness 187

Day 74 Love Your Enemies 190

Day 75 Speak Kindly 192

Day 76 Emotional Communication 194

Day 77 Let Quarrels Die 197

Day 78 Don't Judge 199

Day 79 Don't Be So Easily Offended 201

Day 80 Learning from Mistakes 203

Day 81 Love the Lord 205

Day 82 Go and Make Disciples 207

Day 83 The Purposes of the Church and Home 209

Day 84 Hurt and Confused 212

Day 85 Life Is Short 215

Day 86 God Rescues Us 217

Day 87 I Am Not God 219

Day 88 Mourning to Realign Priorities 222

Day 89 What's In a Name? 224

Day 90 No More Pain or Crying 226

Endnotes 229

About the Authors 231

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