The Power of Home Numbers

The Power of Home Numbers

by Jesse Kalsi


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THE POWER OF HOME NUMBERS "Jesse Kalsi has appeared as a guest on my radio program, Seeing Beyond, many times. His unique method of combining numerology and astrology to help people is always intriguing. Jesse's professional and compassionate nature is always welcome on my radio." -Bonnie Coleen Host/Producer Seeing Beyond Talk Radio "He was a most enjoyable guest and I highly recommend him for radio and television programs." -Christine Craft KGO AM 810 Radio San Francisco, California "The Power of Home Numbers is a must-read for all who seek a deeper understanding of the meaning of numbers and our everyday connection to them." -Lisa K. Crosato Actress and Producer

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ISBN-13: 9781452522326
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/22/2014
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Jesse Kalsi's mission is to promote harmony and prosperity in the world. He uses AstroNumerology, which combines his Eastern upbringing and his Western experience, to bring awareness and understanding through knowledge of numbers and planetary energy. He has developed a unique version of Eastern numerology that has helped improve the lives of thousands of people over the past twenty years. His clients include prominent businesspeople and extremely successful communications and entertainment companies He appears regularly on many radio and television shows in North America, and his unique perspective on numerology keeps call lines lit up. He is also the author of The Phenomenon of Sports and Numbers, coming soon.

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The Power of Home Numbers

By Jesse Kalsi

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 (3rd edition) Jesse Kalsi
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2232-6


The Sun

The Sun is represented by the number One. Although the Sun can provide leadership and strength in a house number, too much Sun on a residence throws relationships and actions out of balance.

Whenever number 1, which is the Sun, repeats twice in a home number (e.g., 11), it will always bring in relationship difficulties. When it repeats three times in a home number (e.g., 111), it brings in the energy of big money, like banks and financial institutions. Whenever it repeats four times (e.g., 1111), it brings huge success, both monetarily and metaphysically.


One comes in many forms: 1 itself, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, and their reflections are all shades of One, the Sun. Various case studies I have performed on different shades of One are set forth below.

Example 1 (1, amplified)

"Nina" lived in a house with the number 10, a beautiful wooded property. She lived on a hill with a tremendous view. We were first acquainted when a mutual friend invited me to a gathering and asked that I look at Nina's home energy and at the numbers of everyone present. Nina lived alone in her 10 residence, which by itself would not pull in money. A 10 is the home of an executive, a businessperson, but not a "wheeler-dealer."

After I met Nina, I could tell that, even though she was living on a big estate, money was tight for her. She was confused and didn't know what she wanted to do. After looking at her basic numerology, I suggested that she add a number 4 to the 10 to make the house a 104. This amplified the Sun + Uranus energy because of the 0 in the middle. In no time, her business picked up, and she was invited to many new clients' homes to demonstrate her metaphysical business. She was amazed at how, by adding a small sticker to the front of her house, the energy shifted completely and brought her so much success, even after the loss of her husband. She and I became good friends through our work together, and we still keep in touch.

Example 2 (1, amplified)

An East Indian family living in Fremont approached me for a reading on their home. The parents were having financial problems and, again, it was a 10 residence. Both husband and wife had jobs in a local company, and both of the daughters—who had Jupiter energy—stayed away from the home, causing a lot of anxiety for their parents.

This family had many relationship issues. The older daughter had already been divorced, and she wasn't even 25 years old yet. (The Jupiter energy was bouncing the daughters out of the home, and the mother was confused, but couldn't understand why.) Based on the numerology of all four family members, I added some Neptune energy to the house by placing a 7 at the end to make the home number a 107. I also asked the mother to remove a pearl ring that she was wearing on her Saturn finger, the middle finger, and place it on her left little finger.

Since then, the family have moved and are much happier in their new house, living together.

Example 3

"Esther" lived in an apartment number 1 in the San Francisco Bay Area. She found me on the Internet and liked my website. During our phone conversation, I could tell that her name was completely out of sync and was not flowing with her date of birth or residence. I asked for her maiden name which, if added to her present name, would completely change the vibration in her favor. I strongly suggested that she make this name correction; otherwise, her relationships and financial situation would never improve. She responded, "Oh, you got that right." I also suggested that she add certain numbers to her apartment for overall improvement of her energy.

Sometimes it's interesting when clients ask a lot of questions; they want to know more about number patching, and a lot of "whys" come up. These are good questions, and once the clients learn the reasoning behind the "whys," I can tell that they're very satisfied. Esther worked for a county probation department in the Bay Area and later mentioned that she had a lot of debt. I suggested that, if she wanted to purchase a property, it would be a good way of eliminating her debt due to the increase in her net worth from the value of the property.

As we finished our reading, I could tell that the information made sense to her, and she asked whether it was OK to consult me about this real estate matter at a later time.

Example 4 (1, amplified)

"Nancy" lived in a home number 2014 in the Wine Country in California. She had consulted me twice before. This time, she had called about her daughter, "Alice," who had now moved away, to the East Coast. Alice had recently changed her apartment to a number 10. I remembered talking to her mother about her before. The daughter had suffered from Lyme disease and was preparing for her MCATs. After checking her numbers again, I told the mother that it would take Alice another five months to recover. I also told her that, by the middle of 2006, Alice would be ready to take her MCAT exams, due to the support of the Sun vibration on her door, which was in tune with her own energy.

This information was affirmed by Nancy, as she had already consulted someone else prior to seeing me, and the other person had provided similar information. She wanted to know where her daughter would go to med school: East Coast? West Coast? mid-continent?

I said New York, and Nancy chuckled, saying that her daughter was considering the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York. The answer made a lot of sense to her, and it was additional validation for me that I was able to provide her with the right direction. Nancy said that her other daughter, "Roberta," also lived in New York but did not like it there. I told her that that had nothing to do with Alice's future in New York.

One Zero

When the components of an address add to 10, it is a Sun address, even if the Sun aspect is not obvious.

Example 1

"Donna" had a very strong Sun residence, 22501. She had Neptune energy on her date of birth. She was happy in her residence, but I suggested that she could patch the number by using more Mercury + Uranus, the idea being to lift it "to the next level" of Sun energy. She really liked the idea of patching it and improving it, and so did the radio host!

Example 2

"Tom" called in to Contact Talk Radio in June 2005. He was the only male caller on that particular show. He had a very powerful date of birth, which indicated past-life karma. He had moved into the Seattle area and was living in an apartment number 1810. In my experience, I have realized that, whenever Saturn energy appears with Sun energy, it is very conflicting. Tom mentioned that he had found this address while searching on the Internet, and that he had been there for three months. Since he was only renting this place, I suggested that he move out and find a better vibration. He agreed, saying, "I don't feel comfortable here," and seemed eager to start looking again.

Example 3

I have a client who has been coming to see me for many years for real estate reasons. He lived in a house number 5113. He petitioned on behalf of his family, including his daughter and son-in-law, to be granted immigrant visas, and they now lived with him in this house.

I received a call from him in mid-July 2005. He was very disturbed, telling me that all the family he had petitioned in was now living with him, but that the son-in-law was overwhelmed by the abundance available in America and started drinking "constantly."

My client, a hard-working man, was very upset at having a drunken son-in-law in his house, a son-in-law on whose behalf he himself had petitioned. The son-in-law was receiving information from his "buddies," who were already in this country, telling him to get violent with the family and create trouble with the family, to eventually receive money from the father-in-law.

I had never known where my client lived, because I hadn't ever done his personal numerology, but if you look at the number 5113 carefully, it has Mercury and Jupiter at the beginning and end, respectively. These two planets oppose each other very destructively. The two Suns in the middle cause relationship problems. So the situation in this house was very well described by the numbers on the door. My client wanted to come and see me to learn what could be done to improve his son-in-law's conduct. Unfortunately, this particular client was unaware that, in addition to being in the real estate business, I'm a numerologist, so he didn't ask for my assistance with his difficulties.

Example 4

A family member in Canada insisted that I meet a gentleman who was very well connected politically. I met him briefly, early in the day. Soon after I finished my lunch, he called a few times and insisted that I come to his house. When we parked outside his home, I looked at his home number—which was very easy to see—and the energy made me uncomfortable right away. The number was 1018, and I could tell that the Sun + Saturn colliding outside the house could bring many problems besides injuries and accidents, including financial challenges.

After having a glass of water, "Mr. Richards" quickly invited me into his home office and asked me what I thought about his home number. I looked at his name energy, which was very strong, and his date of birth, which was primarily the reason for his being so well connected in national and even international circles, I wrote everything down on a piece of paper for him to see.

When I then told him that this property could earn him hospital time, up to and including surgery, he suddenly became completely silent. He quickly went out and called for his wife to come and join us. Very reluctantly, he told me that, soon after moving to this house, he was chasing his dog but it ran into the street. Both he and the dog were hit by a car coming from the opposite direction. His right shin broke in two, and the dog also suffered a leg injury. Mr. Richards slowly opened up and told me that, despite being a financial consultant and being so well connected and being successful in his business, his books were always in the red. He had never understood why; he was totally confused about what was going on.

"What do I do?" he asked. I said, "This house needs to be patched with some Uranus energy at the beginning and then put on the market as soon as possible." He had already been contemplating selling, but my information confirmed him in his decision. I also talked to the other family members, who were pretty amazed and very appreciative of the information they were receiving. I was happy to have made another friend and to have been of help to another human being.

Example 5

"Bill" had weak Jupiter energy on his name and lived in a house number 2431 in San Jose. The moment he entered my office, I could feel his strong personality and energy. After he started talking about his numbers, and talked a bit about his home number, he told me that he was an executive for the San Jose Mercury News. He had heard me several times on the radio and had also read the November 2004 article in the Mercury News. He said that, the last time he had heard me on the radio, he had felt "very drawn" to come and meet me.

Bill was writing for the real estate advertising section of the paper and was aggressively trying to buy properties for himself, too, but for some strange reason, felt that he was being thwarted. He said that he always had the money, but that his wife couldn't handle trying to make any investments in property; she said it made her "nervous." I suggested that he add some more Neptune energy to his residence to make it flow better with his date of birth. I also talked a little about his daughter, who had a very powerful date of birth but who also was feeling uncomfortable in the house, and suggested a respelling of her given name.

Aside:Over the years, I've realized that only certain energies will let you expand and grow. These constructive energies constantly present other opportunities to you. But others are just stumbling blocks; you keep trying and keep falling down.

Example 6

11512 was the home number of an older couple who came to my office from Sacramento for advice. They were introduced to me by one of my friends, who happened to be related to their family. The property was purchased in 2003. The moment I saw the numbers—three Suns!—and their dates of birth, I could feel the heat of the planet Sun on the residence and the dates of birth. Too much Sun on the basic energies! I asked the lady, "Who else lives here?" She said, "Two of my daughters." I started by saying that this place was a very difficult one for everyone living there, because the energy of the Sun, which appeared three times on the address, was further compounded by their names and dates of birth.

Then she gave me the whole story: Soon after they had moved into this house, she had suddenly fallen sick, and one of her kidneys had had to be removed. She had been sick ever since, and every month had to receive a blood transfusion. Both of her daughters were very frustrated because they wanted to marry, but couldn't find suitable mates. The husband, the only man residing in the house, kept quiet throughout her storytelling, but in the end said, "This house has been a very difficult place for us."

I asked for their previous home numbers; they were all very weak Jupiter and Neptune vibrations. Their stay in this country for the previous ten years had been an ongoing nightmare. Their house had been purchased directly from a developer, not through an agent. They were the first family to live in it, but because they didn't understand the energy of home numbers, they had a devastating experience. I recommended a temporary patch and also suggested that it would be a good idea if they were to change their residence.

Before they left my office, I cleared their personal space using sage, and the lady said that she felt a "little lighter" as they made their way home.

Example 7

"Olivia" works for the California Highway Patrol in Oakland, California, and lives in a house number 3115. Her husband has a very strong Mars energy on his date of birth. Olivia contacted me through one of her associates, who was also a client of mine, to get a reading on her house. In this combination, all the planets are colliding: Jupiter + the Sun twice + Mercury. Olivia mentioned that her life had become "extremely stressful," both personally and professionally, soon after she and her husband moved into the house. I suggested that she change her house, but she wasn't prepared to do that. I suggested a patch, knowing full well that it couldn't overcome the colliding combination of planets on her house.

Unable to handle the stress, Olivia moved out of the house and her husband continued to stay there. He had led her into her new career and she loved him, but the house had driven her out. When Olivia moved out, she also got a promotion to a prestigious and powerful position. She felt very sad for her husband and started seeing another man in the same department.

One day she called me and wanted me to meet her husband, as she felt that I would be able to give him some advice. Her husband, I realized, was very intuitive himself and, when I told him that he would not find any work here in the Bay Area and would do better in southern California, he responded by saying that that was where he was headed! It was extremely hard for him to move away from his very young daughter (then only 3 years old).

In November 2006, Olivia came to see me again and told me that the man she was seeing had shown his true colors. He had used her position to find a better job for himself within the department, but in the Wine Country. She felt used and miserable. When I told her that her husband would still love to be by her side, she completely agreed.

My point here is that homes and the planetary energies on them can, all of a sudden, destroy lives. But in this case I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia and her husband reconciled and remained together, because neither of them now lived in the destructive home.

Example 8

I was approached by a numerology client, who contacted me after hearing me on a radio show. "Naomi" had a home number of 1801. After looking at her date of birth—a very intuitive one—I could see that her basic energy was vibrating with Sun + Mercury. The home number was 1801. If added up by a traditional numerologist, this would yield the number 10. But there was a big problem with the number 1801 in this case.

After I spoke to Naomi, I mentioned that, although she had a basic Sun vibration for her date of birth, and the number 1 was generally good for her, in this case her home, although its address added to a "number 1," was disastrous. Sun + Saturn amplified, as shown on her home number, produces a very conflicting energy. The Sun and Saturn have contradictory energies, and whenever they appear together, extremely negative events in the form of relationships, sickness, and/or untimely deaths, take place.

Also, in the Vedic tradition, the stone for number 1 is a ruby and, for 8, a blue sapphire. These are never worn together. Upon seeing you wear a ruby with a blue sapphire, any Vedic astrologer or numerologist worth his salt would ask you to remove one of them immediately! It's disastrous!


Excerpted from The Power of Home Numbers by Jesse Kalsi. Copyright © 2014 (3rd edition) Jesse Kalsi. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Background, xi,
Preface: My Personal Numbers, xvii,
Introduction, 1,
Chapter 1 The Sun, 5,
Chapter 2 The Moon, 31,
Chapter 3 Jupiter, 59,
Chapter 4 Uranus, 87,
Chapter 5 Mercury, 111,
Chapter 6 Venus, 131,
Chapter 7 Neptune, 155,
Chapter 8 Saturn, 175,
Chapter 9 Mars, 203,
Chapter 10 Numbers in Sync, 229,
Chapter 11 Famous Addresses and Political Leaders, 239,
Chapter 12 Famous People, 249,
Chapter 13 Rudraksha and Crystals, 259,
Chapter 14 Number Patching, 265,

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