The Power of Jude, 2nd Edition

The Power of Jude, 2nd Edition

by J. B. Mirassou


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The Power of Jude-An Amazing Little Book

This amazing little book was written in 1992 by a group of friends, who, for their own personal St. Jude reasons, researched and wrote various sections. It was completed and self published by one of the group, distributed to friends and neighbors, a few churches, to hospitals and similar places. A website was created. Due to unrelated business pressures, not much more was done. But, somehow, the book took off all by itself.

One of the first occurrences was the accountant for the non-profit, a non-catholic, became so involved in the book, he chose to do the tax and accounting work for free, pro bono. (Which, obviously, is much appreciated.) Then, over the years, the book meandered throughout California and across the country. People would contact the website as to how the book miraculously helped them. Others would telephone asking if they could buy the book. Generally, the book was sent—at no charge. Occasionally there were personal contacts, explaining how the book had been of such an enormous assistance. One was a mother of two pre-teen children who had problems and credited the book with the solutions. She insisted that she donate $25 to the non profit. Her appearance, although sturdy and smiling, obviously indicated financial difficulties. The non-profit refused to accept the money at first, but it became so apparent this donation was of such vital importance to her, the donation was gratefully accepted.

The book seemed to continue its travels for five or six years then, in 1999, it almost stopped. Some (extremely limited) activity continued while the non-profit was engaged in other efforts and, as a result, the book laid dormant for a few years.

Then, a few years ago the little book seemed to come to life again. Inquiries were made. Some activity appeared on the website. However, the startling event was the book making it to Japan. A person called saying she visited New York and had the little book with her. She had entered a cab simultaneously with two young men from Japan. They decided to ride together. It turned out one of them was studying to be a Buddhist monk. So, at the end of the ride, she handed the little book to him. In the book she placed her card and invited the student to contact her with his reaction. She reported that about a year later the student called and said he had read the book over and over, and was either going to convert to Christianity or would embody the book into his Buddhist philosophy. That's when it was decided to start thinking about a second edition to this amazing little book.

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