The Power of Meow

The Power of Meow

by Bernard Gunther

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The Power of Meow by Bernard Gunther

With The Power of Meow, renowned author and spiritual teacher Bernard Gunther celebrates the mystical essence and inherent wisdom of our feline companions. Bernard Gunther offers a series of delightful yet practical "awareness reminders" inspired by his own cat Rumi. The Power of Meow playfully pays tribute to Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and reinforces that bestselling book's central message that staying in the moment is the key to happiness.

As Bernard Gunther knows, cats are natural, powerful spiritual teachers. For centuries these aware beings have been revered, even worshiped, for their intuitive wisdom, magical presence, and purring peacefulness. We, as humans who no longer trust our natural instincts, can learn a great deal from them. As The Power of Meow shows, their behavior exemplifies selfawareness, continuous relatedness, and effortless ease.

In this book, pictures, word play, humor, and energy offer the reader a deep experience of insightful feeling, spiritual healing, and a sense of eternal being. The Power of Meow celebrates the joyful behavior of the archetypal cat, Rumi, and his simple, practical, playful, universal wisdom.

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ISBN-13: 9781612833040
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 03/03/2006
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 8 MB

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By Bernard Gunther

Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Bernard Gunther
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61283-304-0


    rumi says

    the power of meow

    is fully being
    at this moment

    completely present
    totally aware
    your boundless
    real authentic

    cat like nature

    rumi is my roommate
    we've been together
    for almost a year
    he's half siamese
    half human
    super fur fine white
    orange sherbet ears and tail
    eyes open wise
    licking himself
    he intuitively seems to go
    to those places
    i least want him to be
    and he lets me know
    when he's hungry
    needs attention
    when he wants to be groomed
    or is going to toss up a hair ball
    or when he wants me
    to chase him around the bed
    so he can rationalize
    hiding under the covers
    and taking a long nap
    but he comes to me
    whenever i call him
    if he feels like it
    and he only bites me softly
    when we play
    plus the whole night through
    he quietly sleeps next to me
    and we understand love
    each other beyond words
    and all in all it's by far
    the very best intimate relationship
    i've ever had

    rumi says

    true love
    is being in love
    with the ultimate
    source of love

    life is like a cat
    in that
    it often doesn't do
    what you want it to
    it tests annoys
    frustrates fascinates
    sometimes confuses you

    spontaneous demanding
    amusing free
    life is not your fantasy
    it is what's true
    what's ultimately
    good for you
    because all in all
    it's your spiritual teacher
    your guru

    rumi says

    when you learn
    to deal
    with what is
    not ideal
    your life
    will be
    a good deal

    a mouse
    a rabbit
    a hobbit
    a habit

    an aware bear
    fred astaire
    a lover
    a tiger
    a silly goose
    a papoose

    a pet
    a buddha pest
    the beast best
    of all the rest
    east and west
    he's my purrfect     zen master
    roshi rabbi rumi

    rumi says

    we are all
    shades and colors
    of the
    incandescent glow
    of love's everlasting
    dancing rainbow
    at each
    and every moment
    roshi rumi
    lives the dharma

    having read
    alan watts
    gautama buddha
    or bodhidharma

    rumi says

    in reality
    is not about
    glamour intensity
    or escapist meditation
    but about being
    fully present
    in every
    moment to moment
    relationship and situation

    adept rumi
    is a superb sleeper

    rather than hurrying
    worrying or
    yap yap yapping
    he's deeply
    into napping

    choosing sneezing
    if there's nothing
    better to do
    he can sleep
    often where
    you don't
    want him to

    for example
    just now
    he decided to flop
    right on my

    rumi says

    you don't
    have to prove
    or improve yourself
    all you have to do
    is approve
    of yourself
    there are times
    when master rumi
    me of my mind
    he seems restless
    makes lots of anoise
    and i can't tell
    what the hell
    he really wants

    though right now
    he's sitting
    serene still

    without content

    he is completely

    rumi says

    let all

    and you are


    rumi just sits
    the passing flow
    watching as
    all things
    come and go


    a witness fair

    to what is
    it's all just
    show biz

    rumi says

    if you don't stay
    in your awareness
    witness consciousness

    you will
    fall into
    do do ality

    in every now
    rumi practices
    the tao

    sitting quietly
    doing nothing
    food comes
    and the litter box

    rumi says

    if the sun
    and the moon
    were to doubt
    all the love magic
    that is all about
    they would both
    go out
    no doubt

    shree rumi
    is not dependent
    on excitement
    intensity or
    constant doingness

    he is beingness
    alert aliveness
    living in
    moment to moment

    and doing his business

    rumi says

    it's enough
    to be alive
    to see the sea
    the sky
    and watch
    the changes
    to eat talk
    joke serve and create
    love feel
    the air ground
    sun yourself
    and not
    have to be

    is also a sufi

    the changing dance
    of impermanence
    he does not cling
    to anything
    knowing that
    every thing
    is very

    he just watches
    the passing flow
    letting things
    come and go

    he be

    head to totally


    rumi says

    go look
    somewhere else
    for subject matter
    for what does
    the subject matter
    for all matter
    is subject to
    other matter
    and it really
    doesn't matter

    swami rumi
    is a yogi


    in harmony

    he is unity
    the infinite
    no one
    playing form
    fur fun

    rumi says

    don't take
    the game
    too seriously
    stay laugh play
    in delight

    not only
    likes himself
    he licks himself

    every day
    he works away
    spring cleaning
    his furry body

    it's a contemplative joy
    to the point of cheers
    watching him
    gently intensely
    washing his face
    and behind his ears

    after he seems delighted
    elated rejuvenated

    it's the paws
    that refreshes

    rumi says

    love yourself
    for no one
    can be closer
    or share more time
    with you

    be patient
    and kind to yourself

    value your attainments
    appreciate your gifts

    let go of the past
    retaining only
    its wisdom

    remain aware
    for you are now

    when rumi
    is hungry
    he cries loud
ly     like a baby
    wanting his
    needs met

    then patiently
    he looks smells
    tastes to see
    if what is
    is gourmet


Excerpted from THE POWER OF MEOW by Bernard Gunther. Copyright © 2006 Bernard Gunther. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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