The Power of Parables: The Word of God

The Power of Parables: The Word of God

by Rev. Drniel F. Owsley

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In the Power of Parables followers of our Hero of Heroes can easily see for themselves that Christ was a master storyteller. And as His divine abilities are described according to new dead Sea scrolls it becomes clear why millions of believers enjoy being in love with God, but not just in love, but passionately, wildly, logically, happily, joyfully and all consumingly in love with He Who ascended to places where Hell was not and descended to places where Heaven could never be. And way back when Jesus told His stories they guided His enlightened into some blessed realities. And as Rod Serling use to say, the Lord's faithful few shall discover that there's a fifth dimension way beyond the things that are known to Man. And that''s an unseen place as endless as space and as timeless as infinity. And that's also the middle ground between the most marvellous light of the Gospel and the gross darkness of outer places where reprobates shall be cast into for evermore. But that dimension is also the middle zone between science and superstition, and God and the devil. And that unseen place of many unanswered questions lies between the pit of Man's most carnal fears and the peak of his spiritual knowledge. For that kind of tranquil place is a Twilight Zone kind of space, seldom found, that can only be entered through prayer alone. Some amazing bonus literature iis also ncluded.

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