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The Power of Positive Eating...After the Fast

The Power of Positive Eating...After the Fast

The Power of Positive Eating...After the Fast

The Power of Positive Eating...After the Fast




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What is "Positive Eating?"
"Positive eating" is simply the habit of eating real food (Unmodified, raw, enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables eaten in as close to their natural state as possible) at times, in places, in ways and in amounts that optimize its nutritional and therapeutic benefit, activate the body's healing code and have a positive rather than a negative effect on the body. The period after an extended fast--when your digestive system has been re-set or "rebooted," and can better utilize the nutritional benefit of the food you eat--is the perfect opportunity to begin.

"How shall I begin the new way of eating? How shall I prepare meals in this new diet? Should I change gradually or all at once? How much should I eat at each meal? What reactions can I expect?" In this unique sequel to Fast & Grow Young, you'll discover in simple language, the what, how, why, how much, when and even where to eat, and some simple, easy-to-prepare recipes, too! Even if you never actually do an extended fast, use this book as a handy reference for eating better!


"Give me something simple I can do starting today!"
I hear it from friends, family and strangers: "I want to lose weight!" I want to clear up my complexion!" "I want to wake up with a boost of energy!" "I want to keep my eyesight and make it stronger!" "I want to "prevent / repair/ reverse" my "menopause symptoms / liver / gray hairs!" and the ever popular: "Give me something simple I can do starting today!"

It's not the calendar, it's the conditions
People typically associate these symptoms with aging. The truth: it's not the calendar, but the cumulative effects of specific, sustained conditions brought about by habits of consumption and behavior. That's why some people "age" quicker than others--they've simply packed more of those habits and behaviors into fewer years.

Two wrongs simply make you sicker
Those symptoms are your body's reactions to habitually eating fake food with artificial ingredients, pesticides, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, taking pharmaceuticals, as well as other lifestyle and environmental factors. While some of the habits and behavior may be challenging to break, they are, in fact, under your control. If the causes are controllable, that means the effects are not inevitable and may even be reversible. However, real cure or relief cannot be brought about by consuming more drugs and pharmaceuticals. How could it???? You cannot cure a condition with the same type of substances and behavior that caused it. In this case, two wrongs will simply make you sicker.

The Solution
The Ageless Adept's natural protocols, practices and products are based on a philosophy that holds that:
1. Nature is foolproof.
2. The body is coded to heal (and you can activate that code)
3. There is only one illness.
4. There is a simple formula for vitality.
5. A clean cell never dies.
6. Sunlight, Water, Earth, Air & Time are the only bases of real cure,
7. You are your own authority.
The goals of which are
▪ to empower you to become your own authority when it comes to health
▪ to simplify decision-making when it comes to the food, products and practices in your pursuit of perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth.

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ISBN-13: 9781537262994
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/24/2016
Pages: 492
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.99(d)

About the Author

Herbert McGolfin Shelton, N.D., (October 6, 1895 - January 1, 1985)[1] was an American naturopath, alternative medicine advocate, author, pacifist, vegetarian, supporter of rawism and fasting. Shelton was nominated by the American Vegetarian Party to run as its candidate for President of the United States in 1956. He saw himself as the champion of original Natural hygiene ideas from the 1830s.

Walt F.J. Goodridge, the presenter of this series, is author of over 20 books including The Ageless Adept, Yesterday's You: How to Reverse Aging and Fit to Breed.

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