The Power of Shakti: 18 Pathways to Ignite the Energy of the Divine Woman

The Power of Shakti: 18 Pathways to Ignite the Energy of the Divine Woman

by Padma Aon Prakasha


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ISBN-13: 9781594773167
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 09/15/2009
Edition description: Original
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 681,664
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Padma Aon Prakasha, a child prodigy who read the Bhagavad Gita at age 4 and the Koran and Bible by age 7, is an Initiate in Saivite Tantra, the Sama Veda, and the Tibetan Buddhist Lineage of Tsongkhapa and Maitreya. He teaches worldwide and has led initiatory pilgrimages to sacred sites in 15 countries since 1998. He lives in London.

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The Sixth Gate

Surrender to the Power of Shakti

A woman, like the dakinis and priestesses of ancient tradition, can open herself in service to any man and bring a great healing and transformation for him. This means surrendering yourself completely to a physical man—allowing him to penetrate your very soul on all levels.
By holding the intent within yourself to give freely, allowing through your love and surrender to transform and transmute his pain, his suffering, his ancient wounds—you both receive. He will receive the powerful gift of transmutation from the Divine Mother through you as a vessel, and this in turn can enable you to pass beyond the sixth gate. To pass beyond the gate together, he, too, must be in the same surrendered, giving space of service, and capable of reaching sacred union within himself. (T. A.)

To activate and manifest the sixth gate fully requires surrender. Surrendering to the power of Shakti as it is comes through you means you are open to life, regeneration, and the laws and beauty of nature. Surrender is the final feminine wisdom key to awakening.
Surrendering to what is presented to you in life brings up your deepest resistance, your deepest shadows. Everything in the basement of your subconscious, every voice within you that says no to love, no to peace, no to joy, no to what is, arises, and fights. This fight takes you deeper and deeper, and wears you out, wears out the fight in you, the resistances of the small self, until you break down. In this breaking down lies the opening to the softness and gentling of love. Surrender dismantles every part of you, and remakes you in love’s image, but only when you have sincerely asked for love to enter your life.
Surrender is a process, a continual experience that happens every day. It is never done or completed, never a statement. One is always surrendering, continually giving over the mind to what lies here and now, in each thought, each choice.
Surrender leads to true vulnerability, which cleanses the heart and releases fear. Letting go of fear we are able to expand into more love, which in turn leads to more vulnerability and more fears arising . . . until all that is left is a pure heart as a conduit for love to flow through—life as a moment-by-moment surrender. You move when the palpable living force of love moves you, because you have become so available, so present in the open heart, that you live by what you know to be true, because it is happening right now.
Surrender also requires meditation in order for it to be whole. It is wise guided action, spontaneous and in the now, without fear, belief, expectation, or hope. There is no surrender to something; you surrender unto Being. This is the true nature of the action of Shakti. In this trust, nothing matters because everything changes completely every moment. All your sense of reason and planning collapses. Everything that is needed right now might be completely different from what was needed in the previous moment, and in the next moment. Love responds in the now, and there is no teaching, laws, or rules for this. Love is the whole of the law.

Namah: The Sound of Surrender

Namah is the sound of surrender and the sound of connection. It has seven different layers of meaning, resonance, and embodiment. As the ending of most Sanskrit mantras, namah sends energy to the aspect of the Divine that one is connecting with by fully opening yourself to, and surrendering to it. Namah within a mantra is the sound of surrender to the Shakti, the energy of the quality of the Divine, and the life flow that animates and enlivens the mantra.
Namah is correctly pronounced with the “ah” at the end of the word having a sibilant out-breath that sends life force out into silence, into the gap between thoughts where manifestation of the Divine occurs.
The first layer of meaning of namah is the most commonly known: to bow down to God. The second meaning is to pay obeisance to, or pay your dues to God, in the hope of dissolving karmas and attaining more humility. The third is to offer something, or to desire something from God in hope of attaining something of material or egoic benefit.
The fourth level is to open up to God, humbly and in reverence, from the soul. The fifth level is to surrender your soul to God’s will, to allow the Shakti to flow as it wishes beyond your control and conscious awareness and desire. The sixth level of meaning of namah is to open up and surrender your soul without limits; na = without, mah = limits. Without wanting for self, or needing to gain anything for self, simply offering oneself as a conduit through which the Divine can act for the highest benefit.
The ego is working on the first three levels of namah. The soul takes over on the next two levels. God itself is the sixth and seventh levels of namah, where the soul surrenders its identity or higher self into God.
Within namah is the basis of the spiritual path. As one journeys through life, working and healing, the ego starts to become the servant of the soul. At this point, selfless service, love, and joy become the foundations of your life. As you move forward, the soul becomes more dissolved in deeper states of peace that require a deeper effort to attain, for the soul that is now happy to reside in itself. The soul can get stuck at this time, and it takes a great effort to move beyond this point of soul contentment, which is still not enlightenment.
As the soul moves deeper into peace, the mind that is part of the soul gets dismantled so that so the breath of Shakti can dissolve it completely.

Table of Contents

A Note to the Reader on the Writing of This Book



Part One
Pathways to the Womb

The Shakti Circuit
Opening to the Essence of Shakti
The Eighteen Pathways
Feeling Shakti
The Deeper Meanings of Shakti
Shakti Power
The Essence of Shakti
Activating the Pathways

Alta Major
The Mouth of the Goddess
Life and Death
Shakti as Destroyer
Agni Shakti: The First Flame of Creation
The Atlas: The Physical Aspect of the Alta Major

The Amygdala
Heart Chakra of the Brain

Transforming Anger into Bliss
The Clarity of the Kidneys
The Kidneys
- Kidney Breathing

Holy Touch
Grounding the Self
The Base of the Spine
- A Five-Minute Meditation for Grounding
The Big Release
- Anus Breathing
Centering Heaven and Earth
- Central Channel Breathing

The Seven Gates to the Grail Womb

Timeless Pathway to Feminine Truth
The Two Rivers
Beginning the Journey

The First Three Gates
Lips of Love, the Gratitude Spot, and the Blooming Red Rose of the Clitoris
The First Gate: The Lips of Love
- Prostrating to the Divine Within
- Yoni Gazing
The Second Gate: The Gratitude Spot
The Third Gate: The Blooming Red Rose of the Clitoris

The Fourth Gate

Entering the Grail Womb
- Traveling through the Fourth Gate
The Dweller on the Threshold
The Voice of the Womb

Man and the Grail Womb
Deep Healing for the Wounded Warrior
A Collective Wound
Shakti in the Masculine Side of Us

The Fifth Gate
Union of Sex and Soul
The Jewels of Your Soul’s Purpose

The Sixth Gate
Surrender to the Power of Shakti
The Open Conduit
Surrender as Service
Namah: The Sound of Surrender
Fluid Joy

The Seventh Gate

The Infinite Well and the Grail
The Voice of the Seventh Gate
- Seven Gates Meditation

Part Two
Power in the Womb

The Power of the Womb
Love and Power in the Compassionate Womb
The Dragon and the Womb
Activating the Pulse of Power
The Womb as Transmuter
The Compassionate Womb
The Womb and DNA
Conscious Birthing

The Moon and the Womb
Silver Pathway to the Divine
The Qualities of the Moon
Breathing with the Moon

Weaving Shakti Deeper
The Shakti Weave, Shakti Breathing, and Ovary Breathing
The Shakti Weave
Shakti Breathing
The Ovaries
- Ovary Breathing

Umbilical Cords of Connection
Our First Connection, Our First Separation
Gaia’s Cord
Reconnecting the Cord

The Galactic Center
Returning to the Womb in 2012
The Womb, the Placenta, and the Galactic Center
The Indian View
The Science of the Galactic Center

The Web of Life
Intuitive Matrix of Creation
- Connecting to the Web of Life
The Womb Mandala
- Womb Mandala Practice

Part three
Shakti Awakened

Shakti and the Source of Love
Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose
The Daimon
Embrace and Allowing
- Conscious Embrace
Ruthless Compassion: Wielding the Sword
The Pyramid of the Mind
The Witness
- A Self-inquiry Practice

The All-Seeing Eye
The Circuit Completes
Shakti and the Witness
The Black Light of the Universal Womb

Living at Your Highest Potential
The Music of the Dance
The Two Primal Sounds of Shakti
Before and After the Shakti Circuit

Shakti Circuit Healings and Retreats



What People are Saying About This

Linda Star Wolf

The Power of Shakti is revolutionary and is bound to open the gates that have kept us from our true power as both men and women. It taps in to the heart of the ancient mysteries and articulates their modernday message to we humans. Reading this material or attending Padma Prakasha’s seminars will rock your world.”

Margot Anand

“A new generation of evolutionary guides is emerging. I recommend Padma Prakasha as a genuine spiritual coach who can help to transmute what stands in the way of your awakening. His work holds the light and power of change and deep transformation, a sort of ‘cosmic’ readjustment that speeds up a person’s evolutionary process.”

Isha Lerner

The Power of Shakti will revitalize your life by revealing the patterns of energy that flow between the physical body and the galactic universe. Equally esoteric and practical, it offers illuminating insight into holistic health through scholarly understanding of the body’s dynamic light field. The author’s profound integrity, knowledge, and experience enrich every page. This is not an ordinary book; it is unique, provocative, and fresh.”

Sharron Rose

“An excellent sourcebook for both women and men, every page of The Power of Shakti provides new insight into the rich, vibrant energy of the Divine Feminine. It offers a profound pathway to understanding the power and potency of this essential feminine current as it flows through the sacred temple of the physical body, linking us to the Galactic Center. In these shifting times of planetary transformation, this book assists us in rediscovering our intimate connection to nature, the earth, and the cosmos.”

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