The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education

The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education

by Joe L. Kincheloe



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ISBN-13: 9780313335129
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/28/2006
Pages: 623

About the Author

JOE L. KINCHELOE is Professor of Education, The City University of New York Graduate Center and at Brooklyn College, where he served as the Belle Zeller Chair of Public Policy and Administration. He writes extensively and lectures around the world on issues of education, social justice, educational context and school reform.

KECIA HAYES is a Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D. program in Urban Education, The City University of New York Graduate Center, and a trustee of the Harlem Episcopal School, New York, NY. She has worked as an educator in a number of formal and informal settings. Her research focuses on ways in which social policy and practice influence children and parents of color in urban communities, as well as on the educational experiences of youth in criminal justice system.

KAREL ROSE is Professor of Education and Women's Studies, Brooklyn College, and Doctoral Faculty, The City University of New York Graduate Center. Recently honored by Brooklyn College with the Teacher of Excellence Award, Dr. Rose has worked extensively with K-12 teachers in the U.S. and abroad. Her work focuses on women's issues, African-American literature, the arts in general, and teacher education.

PHILIP M. ANDERSON is Professor and Executive Officer, Program in Urban Education, The City University of New York Graduate Center and Professor of Secondary Education and Youth Services at Queens College/CUNY. His numerous publications cover reading, English curriculum, cultural theories and schooling, teacher preparation, and curriculum theory and practice.

Table of Contents


The Power of Hope in the Trenches

Context of UE

No Child Left Behind and Urban Education: The Purpose and Funding of Public Education, by Thomas Brignall III

The Militarized Zone, by Ronnie Casella

The Significance of Urban Street Vendors, by Marina Karides

Why Should Urban Educators Care about Community Organizing to Reform Schools? by Hollyce C. Giles

Race/Ethnicity & UE

A Cociological Critique of 'Meaningful Differences:' A Functional Approach to the Parenting Style of Low-Income African American Families, by Linda B. Benbow

The Business Community, African-American Leaders and School Governance: A Case of Competing Interests in School Reform, by Lisa Gonsalves

Black Women Activists, Leaders and Educators: Transforming Urban Educational Practice, by Gaetane Jean-Marie, Channelle James, and Shirley Bynum

Dilemmas Confronting Urban Principals in the Post-Civil Rights Era, by Tondra L. Loder

Bring In Da Noise, Bring in DuBois: Infusing an African-American Educational Idealogy into the Urban Education Discourse, by Kecia Hayes

Race, Class and Gender in Urban Education: Exploring the Critical Research on Urban Pedagogy and School Reform, by Marvin Lynn, A. Dee and "et al."

Whiteness in Teacher Education, by Patricia Burdell, Ph.D.

Should the Holocaust be Taught in Urban Schools? by Dr. Tibbi Duboys

Rethinking the White Man's Burden: Identity and Pedagogy for an Inner City Student Teacher, by John Pascarella and Marie Gironda

African American Teachers: The Dying Group, by Dr. Deidre Ann Tyler

Social Justice

Participatory Democratic Education: Is the Utopia Possible? Porto Alegre's Citizen SchoolProject, Possible? by Luis Armando Gandin and Gustavo E. Fischman


Identity as Dialectic: Re/Making Self in Urban Schooling, by Wolff-Michael Roth

The Professional Development of Teachers of Science in Urban Schools: Issues and Challenges, by Mary M. Atwater and Malcolm B. Butler

Contemplative Urban Education, by David Forbes, Ph.D.

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Inner-City Youth, by Meridith Gould and Anthony Tadduni

One Day at a Time: Substitute Teaching in Urban Schools, by Frances Helyar

Developing Scholar-Practitioner Leaders in the Urban Education in Crisis, by Raymond A. Horn, Jr.

Voice, Access, and Democratic Participation: Towards a Transformational Paradigm of Parent Involvement in Urban Education, by Edward M. Olivos and Alberto M. Ochoa

Rewriting the Curriculum for Urban Teacher Preparation, by Cynthia Onore

Rethinking Learning and Motivation in Urban Schools, by Robert Rueda and Myron H. Dembo

The Testing Movement and Urban Education, by Rupam Saran

"Forming a Circle": Creating a Learning Community for Urban Commuting Adult Students in an Interdisciplinary Studies Program, by Roslyn Abt Schindler

Tolerance with Children: A Critique of Zero Tolerance in School Discipline, by Jill Rogers

Literacy in Urban Education: Problems and Promises, by Anne Dichele and Mordechai Gordan

Complicating our Identities as Urban Teachers: A Co/Autoethnography, by Dr. Monica Taylor and Dr. Lesley Coia

Democratic Urban Education: Imagining Possibilities, by Patrick M. Jenlink and Karen Embry Jenlink

How to Explore, Critique, and Sustain NYC-based Arts/Education After-School Funding and How to Utilize Youth Participant Researchers as Investigators, by Jen Weiss

The Need for Free Play in Natural Settings, by William Crain

Any Given Saturday, by David Reed

Purple Leaves and Charlie-Horses: The Dichotomous Definition of Urban Education, by Tricia Kress

Exploring Urban Landscapes: A Postmodern Approach to Learning, by Priya Parmar, Ph.D. and Shorna Broussard, Ph.D.

Power & UE

Global Capitalism and Urban Education, by David Baronov

Towards an Anti-Colonial Education, by Mostafa MouhieEddine and Rebecca Sanchez

Education in a Globalized Society: Over Five Centuries, the "Colonial" Struggle Continues, by Joseph Carroll-Miranda

Universities, Regional Policy and the Knowledge Economy, by Michael A. Peters and Tim May

The Individual vs. the Collective in a Time of Globalization: Educational Implications, by Judith J. Slater

School Finance in Urban America, by Lynne A. Weikart, Ph.D.

Language & UE

Evaluating Programs for English Language Learners: Possibilities for Biliteracy in Urban SchoolDistricts in California, by Karen Cadiero-Kaplan and Alberto Ochoa

Bilingual-Bicultural Literacy Pedagogies and the Politics of Project Head Start, by Ronald L. Mize, "et al."

Cultural Studies & UE

Hollywood's Depiction of Urban Schools: Documentary or Fiction? by Amanda M. Rudolph

The Revolutionary Praxis of Punkore Street Pedagogy, by Joseph Carroll-Miranda and Curry Malott

Civil Right, Noble Cause, and Trojan Horse: News Portrayals of Vouchers and Urban Education, by Eric Haas

Cultural Studies & UE

Utilizing Carino in the Development of Research Methodologies, by Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade

Tangling the Knot While Loosening the Strings: Examining the Limits and Possibilities of Urban Education for African American Males, by Anthony L. Brown and Keffrelyn D. Brown

Multi-sited Ethnographic Approaches in Urban Education Today, by Greg Dimitriadis and Lois Weis

Objectivity in Educational Research: The Quest for Certainty Between the 1950's and 70's, by Greg Wiggan, Ph.D.

Aesthetics & UE

In the Middle: An Artist/Researcher Experiences Urban Reform, by Joanne Kilgour Dowdy, Ph.D.

Aesthetics and Urban Education: Urban Learners' Affirmation and Transformation through Arts and Human Development Education, by Kent Seidel with Imelda Castaneda-Emanaker

Aesthetic Consciousness and Dance Curriculum: Liberation Possibilities for Inner City Schools, by Donald Blumenfeld-Jones

Creating Connections, Shaping Community: Artists/Teachers in Urban Contexts (Urban Gypsies), by Gene Diaz

Urban Art Museums and the Education of Teachers and Students, Victoria Ramirez

The Arts in Urban Education, by Merryl Goldberg

Cities: Contested Aesthetic Spaces, by Karel Rose

Ed Policy & UE

System-to-System Partnership as a Reform Strategy for Urban Schools, by Marleen C. Pugach, and "et. al"

Diversity-Security Challenges for Urban School Planning and Change, by Carol A. Mullen, Ph.D

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