The Prayer of Freedom

The Prayer of Freedom

by Beatty Carmichael
The Prayer of Freedom

The Prayer of Freedom

by Beatty Carmichael


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I saw people set free from arthritis; I saw the same with depression, anxiety, glaucoma, addictions, and so much more. I've even seen chronic health and pain ailments melt away because of this prayer...

What is the prayer of freedom?

The Prayer of Freedom is a step-by-step approach to prayer that gives people breakthrough from many of life's most challenging issues. Chronic pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus. Chronic health issues such as constant sicknesses, illnesses, and asthma. Mental issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. And personal issues such as troubled relationships, addictions, etc.

The secret to the prayer is when you follow God's laws, he intervenes and helps restore your life.

To illustrate, here are the results of a survey I did with the Prayer of Freedom...

I do volunteer teaching at an addiction recovery center. As you might imagine, these people are dealing with all kinds of issues in their lives ― addictions, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, anger issues, abuse, chronic pain, and much more. While preparing to write this book, I wanted to statistically measure how effective this prayer was, so I did a survey with them.

I had each person in my classes make a list of is-sues they were dealing with in their lives, then rate each issue on an intensity scale to indicate how bad it was. Next, I had them do the Prayer of Freedom. Once they did, they updated me on what happened in their lives. Here's what their data showed...

Nearly 9 out of 10 (90% of those surveyed) received significant relief from their issues, while the remaining 1 out of 10 reported only minimal relief.

Of the 90% who received significant relief, here's a deeper look at their results. Now keep in mind, these people had a lot of issues going on in their lives, much more than your average person. Most of them had been abused or abandoned, many had lived on the streets, and most had been living with multiple addictions and all the associated issues that come along with them for years.

Even with the accumulation of all these problems, all but one saw almost all of their issues completely disappear ― 100% relief of everything from mental torment (heaviness, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety); addiction urges (for drugs, alcohol, pornography, and sex); and all kinds of physical issues like chronic health and pain problems they had been suffering with for years. All of it... gone!

And it's not just personal issues like those that it helps with. I've also seen it help with constant job failures, marital and personal relationships, and more.

How does this prayer work?

It simply taps into God's spiritual laws as laid out in the Bible. And when we follow his laws, he brings the relief!

In this book you'll learn about these spiritual laws and how to apply them in your life through this very specific approach to prayer.

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic health issues, relationship issues, and even career or job-related issues, based on what I've seen you have about a 90% chance to get free of them with the Prayer of Freedom!

Get a copy and get freedom from your issues today!

Be blessed!

Beatty Carmichael

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