The Prayer Path: A Christ-Centered Labyrinth Experience

The Prayer Path: A Christ-Centered Labyrinth Experience

by Group Publishing in partnership with Proost Productions, Kelli Trujillo (Editor)



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The Prayer Path: A Christ-Centered Labyrinth Experience by Group Publishing in partnership with Proost Productions

Inspired by medieval Christian worship, "The Labyrinth Experience" is a future-thinking way to help people draw closer to God. Participants will walk the labyrinth over the span of about an hour using a CD "journey guide". Each kit includes a leader's guide with complete instructions on how to lead people through an 11-station labyrinth, two 30-minute videos, and six participants guides with six accompanying CDs that feature music and narration.

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ISBN-13: 9780764413032
Publisher: Group Publishing (CO)
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Product dimensions: 6.22(w) x 9.26(h) x 1.61(d)

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March 2000, St. Paul's Cathedral, London-something strange is happening beneath Wren's famous dome. The floor by Lord Nelson's monument is covered with sand-colored fabric, bearing a complex design of white zigzag lines. Businessmen, barefoot, move silently from television set to mirror to sand pit. The only sound is the periodic splash of a pebble dropped from hand into water. What is going on? The tourists and prayer-seekers are bemused, asking explanations from the people at the nearby desk. Many of them in their turn take off their shoes, receive a small CD player, and step onto the fabric into the labyrinth. They are going on journey; going deeper with God.
Onlookers hear nothing, but see faces change, relax, pray. They see people who "had only a minute" spend an hour. They see jokey teens grow serious and elderly women smile. They see nuns getting lost and priests coming back for more. Only the labyrinth team reads the visitors' book and knows about the encounters with God, the renewed commitments and vision, the joy and wonder. Expecting a mixed reaction, controversy maybe, they are stunned by the overwhelming success.
One of the unexpected pilgrims is an editor for Group Publishing, who happens to be in London that week. He is so amazed by his labyrinth experience that he convinces Group to bring it to America. And so is born The Prayer Path: A Christ-Centered Labyrinth Experience.
This labyrinth experience is an exciting and creative tool that can draw non-Christians and spiritual seekers toward Jesus, as well as deepen the faith of dedicated and growing believers. Perfect for youth groups, college and young adult ministries, and adults of allages, the labyrinth is like nothing you've ever seen-a unique worship experience that guides participants towards a deeply personal encounter with our awesome God.
Inspired by a spiritual tradition meaningful in Church history throughout the centuries, the Prayer Path is a fusion of the ancient and the postmodern-a symbolic journey of prayer, self-discovery, and encountering God. (For a detailed account of the role of labyrinths in Christian history, turn to "Labyrinth: History and Heritage" on pages 57-64.) Unlike a traditional maze, the labyrinth has only one continuous path, strategically leading each participant through eleven stations that focus on important aspects of spiritual life. The labyrinth is a place where participants can get away from all the busyness of their lives and dedicate an hour to prayer, contemplation of Scripture, and personal spiritual commitment.
This kit will enable you to create this unique experience in your own church or community-complete with thought-provoking devotional guides for the participants, CDs that serve as "audio guides," a master supply list, and instructions for assembling each station of the labyrinth.
We recommend that you follow the specifics that we've suggested-especially if you haven't done anything like this before. However, we also share a hope that in preparing and experiencing the labyrinth you might be inspired to prayerfully create and develop your own ways of worshipping: ways that connect and interact with prevailing cultures in your area and begin to unleash the wonderful latent creativity within your community. For many of us, an experience of worshipping differently gives us permission to thinking "outside the box" of our normal parameters and be more creative. We would love the labyrinth to be a springboard for you-not just another resource or an end in itself. What better time is there than the beginning of the new millennium to mark the start of a new chapter for you and your church?
It may look like a lot of time and effort, and it is, but worship was always meant to be an extravagant commitment, and the rewards are greater than you dream. The methods and ideas that the labyrinth contains will help you to create new forms of worship for yourself. This will be just the beginning of a creative journey with God.

Table of Contents

The Prayer Path: An Introduction
What You'll Need
Going Deeper With God
The Stations
Wrapping It Up
Making the Labyrinth Your Own
The Labyrinth: History and Heritage

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