The Preacher's Virgin Daughter

The Preacher's Virgin Daughter

by Vivian Leigh

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The Preacher's Virgin Daughter by Vivian Leigh

For the last six summers Charlotte Insler has gone to church camp and been a good girl, but she�s back for one last trip as a camp counselor. When she meets Oliver, a co-counselor that�s funny, smart and a total dreamboat, she thinks she�s finally ready to go all the way. But when the camp leader catches them in the act, Charlotte has to buy his silence. Unfortunately for her, the price of silence is far more than money.

This erotic novelette is intended for adults only.


Moonlight danced across Potawamie Lake, rippling in the summer breeze. Charlotte Insler sat on the camp�s dock, hidden in the shadow of the pontoon boat. She inspected the bank, searching for movement among the trees. Oliver had dropped hints all afternoon, but she wasn�t sure if he would actually sneak out and meet her.
A branch cracked in the forest, forcing Charlotte to hold her breath. She let it out with a quiet giggle. It was silly for her to be worried about being caught. None of the counselors at Petra Bible Camp were going to make her get up early for extra prayer if they caught her. After six years of attending as a student, she was a counselor herself.
A shadow emerged from the woods and approached the dock. �Charlotte?� Oliver�s voice came across as a stage whisper.
Charlotte rose and waved. �Down here.�
Oliver strode forward, as if he hadn�t a care in the world. He probably didn�t. He had spent his summers at Petra, too, and he acted like he was king of the forest.
�You could be a little more subtle,� Charlotte said. �In case Benson is out patrolling.�
Oliver laughed. �He is. I saw him on the other side of the camp between two of the girls� cabins.�
Charlotte narrowed her eyes. �The girls� cabins? Was he, like, peeping inside or anything. Because if he was, I�ll tell my dad and--�
�No, he was just listening.� Oliver caught her hand and pulled her onto the boat. It rocked beneath them, splashing gently in the moonlight.
�Oh. Well, you could still be more careful. If he catches us together and tells my father, daddy will pull me out of here so fast you won�t be able to blink.�
Charlotte settled onto the padded bench on the back of the boat beside Oliver. It was so thrilling, so dangerous to be out after dark, even if she was a counselor. And with the boat and moon, it was so romantic, too.
�He didn�t see me.� Oliver lifted her hand and planted a kiss on her fingertips. �I can�t believe you�re so worried.�
Charlotte shifted slightly away from him. �Sorry. I just am. I�ve never done anything like this before.�
�Like what?� His lips were so soft, and they had moved from her fingertips to the back of her hand. A thrill passed through Charlotte.
�Snuck out.�
�With a boy you mean?� He was to her wrist and still climbing.
�Snuck out at all. I--� Her breath caught as he reached the inside of her elbow. Goosebumps rose on her arm. �I�ve never snuck out with a boy, either.�
Oliver slid closer. He looked at her so earnestly, letting her gaze into his amazing baby blue eyes. The sparkled, whether from the moonlight or just from him, she wasn�t sure. Whatever it was, she loved it. A grin twitched at his mouth.
�Charlotte, have you ever kissed a boy?�
She shook her head.
�What about a girl?�
�What? No!� She could feel the heat rise in her cheeks. She wasn�t the kind of girl. Everyone knew that.
Oliver grinned. �I see.� He slipped a hand to her lap and stroked her thigh, just below the edge of her shorts. His fingers were warm on her bare flesh �You�re so beautiful, I just assumed every boy in camp had to be after you.�
Charlotte hardly knew what to say. The boys in camp had all seemed so afraid of her. Or afraid of her father. Half the boys went to his church, and they maintained a healthy respect for him. Or they had. Back when he�d been in charge of the camp. Until Oliver had come along, none had ever approached her.
Oliver�s hand moved higher, right up to the edge of her shorts. He slipped a finger under the denim. He leaned closer, as if he wanted to kiss her, so she turned her head away, pretending to search the shoreline.
�Are you sure Benson was busy?�
His sigh was almost silent, and if her attention hadn�t still been on him, she would have missed it. �Yes. He prowls around the cabins every night, then goes back to his cabin and reads his Bible.�
Oliver sounded so confident.
�How do you know?�

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