The Presentation Lab

The Presentation Lab

by Simon Morton


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Revealing the difference between great slides and great presentations

Based on a proven process from one of the world’s most prominent presentation consultancy and design firms,The Presentation Lab challenges everything you thought you knew about creating and delivering engaging business presentations. Author Simon Morton shares his unique Presentation Optimization methodology and takes readers on a journey of evolution and revolution to discover what makes an effective presentation (and you may be surprised to know that great design is the last thing you need to worry about).

Using practical tips and drawing on Simon’s experiences working with companies around the globe, The Presentation Lab will help everyone who ever needs to present by revealing what works, what doesn’t and, more importantly, why. The Presentation Lab tackles “Death by PowerPoint” head on by dispelling presentation myths, examining the latest presentation innovations, exploring new concepts for audience engagement and delivery and challenging to status quo of today’s business presentation landscape.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118687000
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/03/2014
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

SIMON MORTON is an internationally recognized expert on presentation development, and is the founder of Eyeful Presentations, one of the top three presentation consultancy and design companies in the world. Serving customers from more than 20 countries via five global offices, Simon has worked with top brands and thought-leaders, helping them to develop presentations that get the job done. He is a frequent keynote speaker at events across the globe and is well known for his concept challenging views on modern business presentations.

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Table of Contents

Element A Introduction

A1 Before We Get Started...The Presentation Labs Hypothesis 004

A2 Welcome tgo the Presentation Lab 008

A3 What this Book Is Not About... 012

A4 The Impact (& Sourse) of Poor Presentations 016

A5 Myth Busting 020

Element B The Basic Tools for the Job

B1 The Power of Inspiration: From Okay Good Optimized 030

B2 The Appliance of Science: A Beginner's Guide 034

B3 Business Storytelling: What's All the Fuss About? 038

B4 Business Storytelling: Getting Your Story Straight 042

B5 Introducing Presentation Optimization 048

Element C The Base Elements of Your Presentation

C1 The Base Elements of Your Presentation 054

C2 Respect the Audience 056

C3 Audiences: The Most Complex of Beasts... 058

C4 The Audience Pathway 074

C5 Message: What's the Point? 082

C6 Messaging: Simplicity Is Not Stupidity 086

C7 Give Them Something They Will Remember ... And Then Let It Travel 088

C8 Structuring Your Message: The Power of the Storyflow 092

Element D Creating Compelling Content

D1 What Is Content 098

D2 Slicing Up Your Content (With a Little Help from Occam's Razor) 108

D3 Valuable Visuals 120

D4 A Picture Paints a Thousand (Different) Words... 122

D5 Open Access Imagery 138

D6 Art over Effectiveness 142

D7 Dealing with Data 150

D8 From Visual Concept to Visual Presentation Aid 158

D9 In Conclusion 160

Element E Delivering thew Final Results

E1 PowerPoint, the Shed, & an Electric Screwdriver 164

E2 What Is Blended Presenting? 168

E3 Understanding the Presentation Landscape 170

E4 Blended Presenting: A Customer's Tale 180

E5 Tools for the Job 184

E6 Something for the Sales Managers 206

F1 Putting the Theory into Practice 210

G1 In Case of Emergency ... Strategies for Dealing with Last-Minute Deadlines 236

H1 Conclusion 242

References 244

Index 248

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