The Presidency and Political Science: Two Hundred Years of Constitutional Debate / Edition 1

The Presidency and Political Science: Two Hundred Years of Constitutional Debate / Edition 1

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Johns Hopkins University Press
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The Presidency and Political Science: Two Hundred Years of Constitutional Debate / Edition 1

This is the first book to survey the intellectual history of presidential scholarship from the Founding to the late 20th century. Reviewing the work of over sixty thinkers, including Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Neustadt, James McGregor Burns, and Theodore Lowi, the authors identify six central questions, the answers to which can help form a theory of presidential power:

  • Does presidential power derive from the prerogatives of office or from incumbency?
  • Does presidential influence depend upon force of personality, rhetorical leadership, or partisanship?
  • Does presidential leadership depend upon historical context or is regime-building manifested through political, institutional, and constitutional developments?
  • Does presidential leadership vary between domestic and foreign affairs?
  • Does the president actively or passively engage the legislative process and promote a policy agenda?
  • Does the organization of the executive branch service presidential leadership?

Arguing that three paradigms have dominated the history of presidential scholarship Hamiltonianism, Jeffersonianism, and Progressivism the authors conclude that today's understanding of the presidency is characterized by a "new realism and old idealism." This book will appeal to students and scholars as well as to general readers with an interest in the American presidency.

About the author:
Raymond Tatalovich is a professor and Thomas S. Engeman is an associate professor in the political science department at Loyola University Chicago.

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ISBN-13: 9780801873225
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 08/28/2003
Series: Interpreting American Politics
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 288
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Table of Contents



Scope of StudyCHAPTER ONE

Constitutional Mythology: The Burns-Kendall DebateCHAPTER TWO

Original Intent and the Presidency: Hamilton versus JeffersonCHAPTER THREE

Jeffersonianism Sustained: Nineteenth-Century ThinkersCHAPTER FOUR

Indictment of Constitutionalism: The Progressive ReconstructionCHATPER FIVE

Critics of Progressivism: The Early ConstitutionalistsCHAPTER SIX

Sowing the Seeds of Progressivism: Liberalism and the Rise of Heroic PresidencyCHAPTER SEVEN

Anti-Aggrandizement Scholars: Attacking Liberal Government and Liberal PresidentsCHATPTER EIGHT

From Imperialism to Impotency: Liberal Malaise with Liberal PresidentsCHAPTER NINE

Return to Hamiltonianism: Ronald Reagan and the Movement ConservativesCHATPER TEN

The Emerging Scholarly Consensus: A New Realism, an Old IdealismCONCLUSION

Three Presidential Paradigms: Hamiltonianism, Jeffersonianism, Progressivism

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