The Princess and the Viking: Love, Magic, and Mayhem in Old Ireland

The Princess and the Viking: Love, Magic, and Mayhem in Old Ireland

by Markus S. Fredericks, Grace Christie


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Donegal, Ireland (circa 1700 A.D.)

This story is laden with high-spirited action and challenging escapes, sprinkled with mythology and, black and white magic.. Inspired by true people and ancestors of both the authors - is an entertaining thought from start to finish.

In the era of arranged marriages for royalty, King Alfred of Donegal has promised the hand of his beautiful, 14 year old daughter, Princess Ana Beth to marry the elderly, King of Portugal, as part of a military alliance.
Unfortunately, Princess Ana Beth falls deeply in love with a handsome, common Viking boy, named "Torvald." The romantic love story takes a tragic, gruesome turn when the powerful, King Alfonse, is shunned by his young fiancé.

Sometimes, the bonds of true love will be tested, time and time again, does true love always prevail?

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ISBN-13: 9781496004468
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2014
Pages: 246
Sales rank: 885,316
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About the Author

On the surface, 'The Princess and the Viking', may seem to be another 'Historical, Action-Romance' written purely as a result of an author's imagination. However, as amazing as it may seem, some of the main characters depicted in this book are inspired by true people who were ancestors of both of the authors...

Grace Christie is originally from the Azores Islands. She is passionate about history,
particularly, her family's lineage.

This book's main character, Princess Ana Beth of Donegal, was actually one of Grace's ancestors. Her 'true life' story is amazing: she was born to Irish Royalty, yet was abducted, and rescued by an Azorean commoner. She ended up staying there, and lived as a commoner. Ana's descendants lived for many generations on the Azores until Grace's mother immigrated to America after WWII. It should be noted that some of Princess Ana Beth's talents and hardships depicted in this book were also inspired by Grace's mother, Margarida Freitas Vieira Araujo.

Another main character in the story is the witch, 'Matilda'. The book's other author, Markus Fredericks, is her great-great-great-grandson. Matilda was a famous healer who practiced white magic. She saved many injured and sick people in the days prior to modern medicine. Her specialty was to stop massive hemorrhaging and curing infections, including gangrene.
While Princess Ana and Matilda never met each other in real life, when Grace and Markus met, they were inspired to combine their family histories by writing this wildly entertaining fiction story, loosely based on actual people and actual events.
Markus Fredericks is an established writer, known for his 'fact-based fiction' series called 'Nataliee's Alien Nightmare'. He is an avid UFO enthusiast, and he co-authored the series about alien abductions with his close friend and UFO expert, Bob De Long. Markus has also written several other books such as 'Project Genesis', and the Mafioso black comedy: 'Son-Of-A-Don'. He invites you all to visit his website at:

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The Princess and the Viking: Love, Magic, and Mayhem in Old Ireland 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
JBrennanBSR More than 1 year ago
Set in 1700s Ireland, The Princess and the Viking is a brilliantly plotted novel based on the authors’ true-life distant relatives. From the very first paragraph I was hooked. King Alfred’s momentous choice lit the first spark to ignite the story. And the characters… not only the egotistic, self-justifying King Alfred, but also the fascinating Hornsby (a midget court jester), the handsome Torvald and his witch mother, the calculating James (the spy)—and also the piggish King Alfonse, who wishes to wed the fifteen-year-old Princess Ana Beth based on an arrangement with her father. The eventual refusal of Ana’s arranged marriage leads to King Alfonse’s horrific climactic revenge. The only thing this story is missing is the accents. I would love to have heard those wonderful accents in my head. Riveting, and absolutely unforgettable.