The Pro-European Reader

The Pro-European Reader

by Dick Leonard


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ISBN-13: 9780333778890
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 11/21/2001
Edition description: 2001
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.43(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.03(d)

About the Author

Author Dick Leonard: Dick Leonard is an historian, journalist and author and a former Labour MP. For many years he was Assistant Editor of The Economist, and headed their office in Brussels, where he was later also correspondent of The Observer. He also worked for the BBC, and contributed regularly to leading newspapers across the world. His publications include The Economist Guide to the European Union, Elections in Britain, A Century of Premiers: Salisbury to Blair; Nineteenth Century British Premiers: Pitt to Rosebery and Eighteenth Century British Premiers: Walpole to the Younger Pitt.

Table of Contents

Foreword Introduction: The Whole Case for Europe PART I: PEACE: THE POLITICAL CASE FOR EUROPE 1945-1973 Winston Churchill (1946), Zurich Speech on the United States of Europe George Orwell (1947), Towards European Unity Robert Schuman (1950), Extract from the Schuman Declaration Treaty of Rome (1957), Extract Harold Macmillan (1961), Conservative Conference Speech John F. Kennedy (1962), The US Welcomes European Unity Roy Jenkins (1962), Labour Conference Speech Jean Monnet (1961-3), Extract from Memoirs Harold Wilson (1967), Launching Second British Application Robert Skidelsky (1970), The Choice for Europe John Mackintosh (1971), Special Labour Conference Speech Roy Hattersley (1971), House of Commons Speech Edward Heath (1971), Winding Up Commons Debate on British Entry PART II: FROM PROSPERITY TO DEMOCRACY: THE POLITICAL CASE FOR EUROPE 1974-2000 Helmut Schmidt (1974), Labour Conference Speech Referendum Campaign (1975), The 'Yes' Document Anthony Crossland (1977), Speech Introducing the British Presidency Simone Veil, Speech to the European Parliament Jacques Delors (1988), TUC Speech Margaret Thatcher (1988), Bruges Speech (extract) Neil Kinnock (1989), Speech in Berlin Mikhail Gorbachev (1989), The Common European Home Vaclav Havel (1990), The Power of Dreaming Geoffrey Howe (1990, 1991), Extracts from Two Commons Speeches John Major (1991), Britain at the Heart of Europe (extract from Bonn Speech) Romano Prodi (1999), Investiture Speech Michael Heseltine (1999), Speech at Britain in Europe Launch Charles Kennedy (1999), Speech at Britain in Europe Launch Tony Blair (1999), Charlemange Prize Speech PART III: THE FUTURE SHAPE OF EUROPE: THE POLITICAL CASE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY Network Europe; M.Leonard Europe and Security; R.Cooper A Third Way for the EU?; A.Giddens Can Britain Lead in Europe?; C.Grant Should Europe Become a State?; J.Zielonka PART IV: BEYOND POLITICS: THE EVERYDAY CASE FOR EUROPE Europe and Culture; P.Dodd Europe and Cities; P.Hall Europe and Football; S.Kuper Europe and Islam; Y.Alibhai-Brown Britain's European History; L.Colley European Film; D.Puttnam European Identity; H.Young Europe and the Novel; M.Kundera

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