The Proactive Agenda for Racial Reconciliation: The Art of Restoring Relationships

The Proactive Agenda for Racial Reconciliation: The Art of Restoring Relationships


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The Proactive Agenda for Racial Reconciliation DOES NOT take a back seat to injustice and inequality. Instead, it takes an innovative approach to the race problem through the Art of Restoring Relationships divided by race and culture.

Within these pages, the authors disclose a profound narrative history lesson as they trace the historical route leading to America’s current racialized state. Jarvis and Chris address the vital issues that separate the races without name-dropping or calling-out individuals which is a classy plausible approach to racial reconciliation. However, they do not deny the demoralizing demeaning, and damaging effects of racism but take a different approach. Some protest, but The Art of restoring Relationships create proactive partnerships that have exponential results. They advocate their White/Black Think Tank as a prelude step for building unity around the issues that divide homogeneous groups before engaging racial reconciliation with other ethnicities.

The Art of Restoring Relationships creates friendships that have exponential effects in the home, church, school, and out into the streets. In a class all by itself, it occupies a niche about race relations that the readers will find unique, interesting, intriguing, and very factual.

No “stones” are left “unturned!” The authors provide a method for “coming together” within the various ethnic groups before engaging racial reconciliation with another race. The book also provides a complete model for multiethnic church planting, church growth, and tools to develop diversity in ministry and business. If you care about the racial issues in our nation and want an answer that works, this book is for you!

The authors Jarvis and Chris bring a combined history of over fifty years in urban ministry and racial reconciliation. Jarvis, a former professor of urban studies adds a scholarship touch to the content and Chris gives the all-business professional touch. They share incredible insights from documented journals and together they paint a creative portrait of why race relations matter to the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. To read, review, and buy go to and click Editor-in-Chief Books, and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, and other book outlets.

The Art of Restoring Relationships explores the CARR Model parameters of Confrontation, Accountability, Reconciliation, and Restoration leading to economic re-development and coop ventures. Their focus is not on systems and institutions of racism, but the therapeutic effects of one-on-one cross-cultural partnerships that spill over into the home, church, and out into the streets.

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ISBN-13: 9780997909562
Publisher: JJ Planter Books Editing & Self Publishing
Publication date: 03/30/2018
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Jarvis J. Ross and Doris W. Ross (RN) have been married for forty years, and they are the parents of three adult children. He is a 1984 graduate of Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury, North Carolina in the Master of Divinity program. During undergraduate studies, Jarvis majored and minored in Sociology, Psychology, and Human Services. He served as a pastor from 1979-2004, then served as a Church Planter/Mission Developer from 2004-2012, for a total of 39 years in pastorate/evangelistic ministry. Jarvis is former Professor of Urban Studies at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he served from 2012-2017. He founded JJ Planter Books in 2015 and is the Editor-In-Chief. Jarvis is the author of several books and the Founder and Lead Pastor of CHURCH in the MIDDLE, a fully web-based live streaming central organization church. Jarvis says, "Writing is my expressed passion for articulating God's Word to the masses and inspiring others with the same passion. The World Wide Web is my pulpit, and my pen is my voice!"

Chris Martin has been married to Cindy who for thirty years. They are the proud parents of three mission-minded daughters. Chris isw an ordained Minister of the Gospel, serving in the urban community. He graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and then applied his degree and experience to urban ministry. Chris founded Knoxville Leadership Foundation in 1994. KLF is a faith-based organization committed to connecting resources to the most significant needs in the Knoxville Tennessee area that encompasses racial reconciliation. KLF has grown to a 3 million dollar a year organization with over 20 staff. They have served well over 30,000 people through 20 different initiatives over the past 20 years. That report and record speak loudly of the Good News of the Gospel of Reconciliation.

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Table of Contents

Dedication.; Acknowledgements; Poetry to the God of Reconciliation; The Prologue: (Why This Book?); Our Spiritual Journey: (Jarvis’ Story & Chris’ Story); The Introduction: (About This Book?); Chapter 1 (Confronting Confrontation: The Emotional Process); Chapter 2 (Confronting Confrontation: The Paramount Concerns); Chapter 3 (Confrontation: Our Historical Problem with Slavery—Blinded by History?); Chapter 4 (Confrontation: Tracing the Route of Historical Factors); Chapter 5 (Accountability: Devaluating the Race Problem-The Genetic Problem); Chapter 6: (Accountability: The Stewardship of Racial Reconstruction); Chapter 7: (Prelude to Reconciliation: Dismantling the Superiority Myth); Chapter 8 (Reconciliation: Embracing Our Ethnic Connection); Chapter 9 (Reconciliation: Crossing the Cultural Boundaries); Chapter 10: (Reconciliation: Forever Friendship); Chapter 11: (Restoration: Rebuilding Broken Lives); The Conclusion: (From Dispair to Hope-A Story of Redemption).

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