The Probation of Gregory Wolf Sharp: A story about finding friendship and true freedom

The Probation of Gregory Wolf Sharp: A story about finding friendship and true freedom

by Karen Burkett



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ISBN-13: 9789623803359
Publisher: Dirk Budwill
Publication date: 11/28/2012
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Karen Burkett, founder and owner of Christian Editing Services, heads up the team of Christian book editors and designers. Karen is a published writer with more than fifteen years' experience. Karen has done a host of Christian editing and writing projects including books, articles, study guides, website features, daily devotions, brochures, radio messages, video scripts, television spots, grants, and more. She has written feature articles on assignment for several trade magazines.

Wife, mother, grandmother, writer, editor, Bible teacher, ministry director, retailer, pastoral assistant, motel operator, campaign worker, library assistant . . . these and many more words have described Karen at times throughout her life. She says, however, the description serving as an umbrella over all that is "follower of Jesus Christ."

Karen says, "Through the years and many learning experiences (both failures and victories), I have come to realize the one real focus of my life must be to accomplish the purpose of the journey God has for me. Only He knows that complete purpose. My job is to trust Him day by day to help me stay on His path."

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“You need to feel again, Wolf. You obviously need to grieve.

What happened? What drove you to isolation and loneliness?” Wolf shook his head. Suddenly his face, which had been full of expression for several minutes, hardened. His back straightened and his eyes became steel. Wolf’s voice was clear.

“Sorry, Stu. I don’t know what got over me. I am fine now.” “No, you’re not. You’ve just suppressed your feelings again.

Come on. You have to let them out.” “That is why I have a punching bag.” “Not good enough. That’s a crutch that keeps you limping.

Letting your emotions out will be the start of real healing.” “I am okay, Stu.” “No, you are not!” There was a long, dreadful silence. Finally Stu mumbled, “I’m going to let you go now, but I want to leave you with these last thoughts. You are right about happiness. It is knowing you are always loved by God. When we know that, we can exercise true love that is sacrificial, with no dependence on circumstances or expectation of return. Giving and getting true love are priceless gifts. It makes us free, happy, and human.”

“Those gifts are no longer part of my life, and I am too hurt and angry to ever want them back. I am okay with being a lone wolf,” rasped the solemn man as he walked out of the office.

Stu sat at his desk for a long time and prayed for Wolf.

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From the Publisher

The Probation of Gregory Wolf Sharp is an excellent resource for Christian junior and senior high teachers to help lead discussion amongst their students about God's grace and serving others in difficult places like prison. Issues such as friendship, the difference between enabling and grace, and what it means to be a Christian friend are explored in the book.

Dennis Lui

Taosheng Publishing House

(Christian book publisher from Hong Kong)

I found that, "The Probation of Gregory Wolf Sharp," stirred me emotionally at many levels. I felt anger, sadness, joy, excitement, and hope while reading the story. I even had a few good laughs. The Probation of Gregory Wolf Sharp also made me think a lot about God's grace and love for me. An inspiring book, compelling from start to finish.

Celia Rigodon

Teacher, Christian Alliance International School, Hong Kong

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