The Prophecy: Voluspa

The Prophecy: Voluspa

Paperback(color illustrations throughout)


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ISBN-13: 9789979856276
Publisher: Gudrun Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2002
Edition description: color illustrations throughout
Pages: 95
Product dimensions: 4.60(w) x 7.86(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

The Prophecy15
A hearing17
I remember giants18
At the dawn of ages19
The First-Born's sons20
The sun did not know21
They called them morning and mid-day22
On Ever-Green Plain23
Happiness reigned24
Holy gods in consultation25
The dwarfs27
Ash and Elm29
Breath and spirit31
An ash named Yggdrasill33
The maidens of fate34
Three times burnt, three times born35
Cherished by evil women36
The first battle38
Thor, the fighter41
What Heimdall hears42
Mimir's well43
She saw far and wide44
The valkyries45
The fate of Balder47
A fatal arrow48
Frigg's lamentation49
The wily Loki50
The poisoned valleys51
The giant's beer-hall52
On the Shore of the Dead53
Black sunshine57
Eggther and Fjalar58
Garm barks loud61
A storm-age, a wolf-age62
Fate is kindled63
The giant breaks loose64
Garm barks by Gaping-Cave65
The serpent writhes in fury66
The kin of folly67
What's with the gods?69
Surt comes with fire70
Odin fights the wolf71
Garm barks by Gaping-Cave72
Vidar avenges Odin73
Thor and the serpent75
The sun turns black76
The mighty doom77
The Earth arises a second time79
The gods meet again80
Golden chessmen81
The return of Balder82
The winds' domain83
Fairer than the sun84
Ruler of all things85
Again Dark-Striker87
II.Names of Dwarfs91
III.Translated names and allusions93

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