The Prospect of Knowing Now

The Prospect of Knowing Now

by Megan Elliott


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Have you ever wondered why the answers to life's most fundamental questions are so difficult to come by? In a world where the achievements of human knowledge are at everyone's fingertips, there is still so much missing.
In a groundbreaking new work, channel Megan Elliott presents the first volume of teachings communicated to her by her spirit guide, Albert. The message Albert sends is clear: you can experience the answers to your questions by looking within. Your intuition and your spiritual connection to the universe are the only tools you require to gain the wisdom missing from your life. Moreover, Albert lays the foundation you need in order to achieve direct communication with your own spirit guides.
We are at such a precarious time in our history. There are fundamental shifts that need to occur in order to manifest a more positive outcome for the planet. In addition to helping people grow spiritually, Albert is engaging with humanity to bring about this greater change as well. Having love and respect for all of creation is the most important building block of this better future. Incidentally, it is the key to spiritual development as well.
Albert is a guide for all those seeking greater meaning in their lives. His goal is to reach a wider audience with his words. This book and those to follow in the series are his exact words as given to Megan Elliott through the medium of a Ouija board. This tool is steeped in superstition, but it can be used responsibly to bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. Albert teaches this technique and many other methods of connecting to the spirit realms during the course of his book. It is sure to ignite a spark in all spiritually-minded individuals who read it.

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