The Protected: Book I of the Spirian Series

The Protected: Book I of the Spirian Series

by Rowena Portch



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ISBN-13: 9781432758660
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/03/2010
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.66(d)

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The Protected: Book I of the Spirian Series 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
coffee_spot_gal More than 1 year ago
Fiction, romance, and paranormal. Everything I love about reading. When I start a new novel, if the first or so page does not get my attention, I would put down the book and never pick it up again. I'm a very picky reader too, but this book was... AMAZING. It's a new series for me to love and I can't wait until the Union comes out in October. This novel will automatically grab you and pull you into that place where most avid readers go, every scene was so vivid in my head that I imagined that I was actually there watching Khalen and Skye's every action from behind the scenes . Having Skye enter a world that she has never experienced before, and using the actions of others to base what they are like, is what people do everyday. There is a Spirian in all of us. This is truly a MUST read novel :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cold_Coffee_Tom More than 1 year ago
My wife has been hounding me to read this book for a few weeks now. It's the 4th of July weekend and raining! So.I picked up the book and started to read. When I was finished I was surprised by two things. First was that I would get that sucked into a book, the second was that it is now 6:30 in the morning and I stayed up all night reading. Rowena has blessed us all with a very unusual writing style that is clean and exciting. Packed with great character development you are very quickly seeing each of the people in the book as real people pulling you in. There were times that I found myself laughing, crying, and even scared. My question is where did she come from? I cannot find any other books by her online, and with writing as good as this, she most certainly is not a first time writer. You will be very pleased you purchased this book! It is one of those that you will not only like, you will be sharing it with others. Enjoy, Tom
inkslngrswhmz More than 1 year ago
Book Title: The Protected Author: Rowena Portch ISBN: 1432758667 Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc. Reviewer Byline: Vonnie Faroqui for WITS Fantasy and romance fiction lovers alike are in for a delightful and surprising read as author Rowena Portch presents The Protected, book one of the Spirian Series. Portch successfully gifts the reader with a heroine and a story that will capture as well as excite the imagination, deeply satisfying the avid reader's hunger for freshness with a style and plot line all her own. Skye is a blind massage therapist with special gifts and a bright spirit that has attracted the wrong attention. Skye's power to heal has been noticed, making her the coveted target of those who would steal her freedom and manipulate her gifts. The fate of her race rests on choices she must make. Poised in the balance point of shifting powers, Skye must choose her loyalties well. One wrong choice will tip the balance between redemption and destruction. If she falters, she dooms not only her race but all of humanity. Vulnerable in ways that would terrify and immobilize lesser spirits, Skye transcends the circumstances of her blindness to wage a battle for Spirit and for all of us. Portch has drawn from her own life and history to write Skye's character and world, sharing in a way that only a skilled and talented writer can-the very personal experience of blindness. Not only has Portch succeeded to write a blind character in a sighted world, she has done so in such a way as to create a world paradigm, characters, and circumstances that elevate this book from the ranks of a good story to that of a great read. The Protected is full of rich descriptions, breath catching tension, humor, and desire, with characters that come to life and walk off the page to live in you. With a voice and experience uniquely her own, author Rowena Portch will make you believe the world she writes and you will seek it inside yourself.
Lionsfan2 More than 1 year ago
I was intrigued by this book from read the small excerpt on the web page. Once I received the book to read and review, I was immediately drawn into this story. This book is approximately 307 - 313 pages and I read the last 207 pages in just under 2 hours. I enjoyed the setting of the story and I was able to visualize each character and their interactions. I also enjoyed the flow of the story and the interactions of the characters. Ms. Porch is able to convey the feelings of each character throughout the story, which made me, connect with them. The main character, Skye, has such confidence in her actions and interactions and her sarcasms are such that I found it hard not to laugh at another characters expense. As for the other main character Khalen, he is attempting to overcome his past to help those around him become better people. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I would highly recommend it to others who are looking for a story that loves lost, loves gained and of course, the never ending battle between good and evil. I cannot wait until book two comes out and was told that it would be approximately 6-7 that means, that I will have plenty of time to read this first book over and over.
TCM_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Skye Taylor lives a pretty quiet life. Since the death of her husband, Skye has pretty much kept to herself. Actually apart from being legally blind and still driving, her life seems pretty dull. That is, until a series of events shakes Skye's world to its very core. The first hints of something strange begin in the hospital after an accident. A mysterious man visits Skye and she sees something odd, a blue mist. At first, Skye assumes this is just a weird morphine induced delusion. However, afterwards Skye realizes that she has the ability to heal wounds. Then, things get complicated, in more ways than one. Skye starts a new job as a massage therapist. Everyone is wonderful except the very attractive Khalen who is aloof and sometimes downright judgmental. What Skye doesn't know is that Khalen knows far more about her, about the blue mist, and about her future than he's letting on. In fact, Skye is about to be thrown into the middle of a war between the Spirians and the Shadows. Ultimately, how Skye reacts will determine if good triumphs over evil or not. The Protected took me by surprise. The book started off innocently enough with a quirky but pretty average main character with subtle hints of something more. That drew me in. Then, the layers started to be peeled back and the story unfolded. Before I knew it, I was hooked.