The Protonomy Law: The First Dispensation

The Protonomy Law: The First Dispensation

by Ron Cardwell


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The first commandments were given to Adam. Ron Cardwell's teaching book is an amplified interpretation of this first dispensation of God's law. The Protonomy Law is a 4,000 year old mystery which God has now revealed in these last days. It is one of the lost dispensational periods. The truth of the nature of the law, God's grace, and the fear of the Lord are revealed in this volume.
This is the first of four volumes called "The Fearistic Chronicles" which will include interpretations of Deuteronomy the second law, the third law called Tritonomy, and the eternal law of heaven called Unonomy.
The Protonomy is a reader-friendly study to aide in the understanding of the principles which guided the lives of the spiritual giants who lived from Adam to Moses. This is original insight which will enable you to learn the same spiritual truths they knew.
You will learn why Abel's offering was acceptable and Cain's was rejected.
The truth behind the controversy between the teachings of "once-saved, always-saved" and conditional salvation is discovered.

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