The Psychology of Reasoning

The Psychology of Reasoning



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The Psychology of Reasoning by W. B. Pillsbury, Alphonse Mucha

An excerpt from Author's PREFACE:

....MY purpose is to give a brief statement of the place of the logical processes, particularly judgment and inference, in the concrete individual consciousness. Confining my discussion to the facts of the individual consciousness has compelled me to omit in large measure a consideration of the social aspects of reasoning and of the results of the outcome of reasoning in action. This omission has not been due to any failure to appreciate the importance of these two sides of the reasoning process. Rather, Professor Baldwin and Professor Dewey have left little to be said on these topics. For my own immediate purpose, also, society and action are but two of the sources from which are drawn the materials of reasoning, and are but two of the influences that serve to affect the course of reasoning. My problem has been to determine the ways in which reasoning has grown out of the simpler mental operations, and to discuss the uses that have been made of the materials in reasoning, without reference to the sources from which the materials have been drawn.

Needless to say, I have neglected to discuss or even to mention many phases of the reasoning process that are important. I should have been very glad to find space for a psychological interpretation of fallacies and even for the more important forms of the syllogism, but space and the limitations imposed by a semi-popular audience made that impossible. I have also made no attempt to review the literature of cither logic or psychology exhaustively even on the topics discussed. Even where my conclusions have grown out of the discussions of others, I have not always indicated the fact. I had space to do no more than summarize my own results and could cite the related work of others in but few instances....

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