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The Psychology of World Religions and Spiritualities: An Indigenous Perspective

The Psychology of World Religions and Spiritualities: An Indigenous Perspective

by Timothy A. Sisemore, Joshua J. Knabb
The Psychology of World Religions and Spiritualities: An Indigenous Perspective

The Psychology of World Religions and Spiritualities: An Indigenous Perspective

by Timothy A. Sisemore, Joshua J. Knabb

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This compendium of introductory essays invites scholars and clinicians to better understand people of various faiths from around the world. It is intended to correct the tendency among scientists to study religious behavior without accounting for its human dimension. For example: a psychologist describes a religious ceremony in a certain community as a "sociological phenomenon." Such a technical description is likely to strike members of that community as an attempt by science to explain away their beliefs. This is counterproductive. In order to work effectively and empathetically with people of faith, psychologists should seek an intimate knowledge of how religion operates in the hearts and minds of living, breathing human beings.  

With this goal in mind, editors Timothy Sisemore and Joshua Knabb have made one of the world’s major religions the subject of a separate chapter. In addition, they have arranged for each chapter to be written by a psychologist who practices—or is culturally connected with—that religion. This marks the book’s unique contribution to the field: it is the product of people who have lived the world’s religions, not merely studied them. By taking such a respectful approach, the book promotes an appreciation for the ways that religious belief animates, inspires, and instructs its adherents. Moreover, the indigenous point-of-view of these essays will help scholars identify their own biases when researching religious groups, allowing them to produce more accurate and holistic analyses.   

Psychologists understand that religion and spirituality provide meaning and purpose to billions of people around the globe. But the actual experience of these beliefs eludes the grasp of the reductionistic methods of science. With this resource at their side, psychologists in academic and clinical settings will be equipped to understand religious experience from the bottom-up, and honor the beliefs and practices of the people they are trying to help.

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ISBN-13: 9781599475776
Publisher: Templeton Press
Publication date: 07/27/2020
Series: Spirituality and Mental Health
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 348
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About the Author

Timothy A. Sisemore PhD, is a clinical psychologist and a professor at California Baptist University. He is also past president of the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (APA Division 36).
Joshua J. Knabb PsyD, ABPP, is the director of the PsyD program in clinical psychology and an associate professor of psychology in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at California Baptist University.

Table of Contents

Title Copyright Contents Foreword Part 1: Conceptualizing Religions for Western Psychology Seeing Religions and Spiritualities from the Inside: Problems for Western Psychology That Can Be Addressed with an Indigenous Psychological Perspective Indigenous Psychologies of Spirituality: Remembering, Excavating, and Individuating Part 2: Religious and Spiritual Psychologies through an Indigenous Lens I Created the Evil Inclination and I Created Torah Its Antidote: An Indigenous Jewish Psychology Walking Home with God: Toward an Indigenous Christian Psychology An Overview of an Islam-Based Psychology An Indigenous Perspective on Buddhism Psychology of Hinduism from the Inside Out Psychology of North American Indigenous Spirituality Chinese Traditional Religions and Mental Health: An Indigenous Psychology Perspective African Traditional Religion and Psychology of Religion Conclusion Acknowledgments About the Editors About the Contributors Index

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