The Psychotherapy of Hope: The Legacy of Persuasion and Healing

The Psychotherapy of Hope: The Legacy of Persuasion and Healing

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Johns Hopkins University Press
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The Psychotherapy of Hope: The Legacy of Persuasion and Healing

Directly inspired by the work of Jerome D. Frank and his field-defining book Persuasion and Healing, this volume of essays by distinguished contemporary scholars broadly assesses the current state of research and practice in psychotherapy.

Editors Renato D. Alarcón, a former student of Frank's, and Julia B. Frank, Jerome Frank's daughter and coauthor, bring diverse perspectives to the volume. Each chapter, based on one of the themes of Frank’s classic book, offers honest critique and fearless criticism of psychotherapy as it has evolved in the twenty-first century. Contributors update classical psychotherapeutic concepts such as demoralization, hope, meaning, rhetoric, and cultural variation and add new insight into how the neuroscience revolution affects our understanding of mental organization and psychotherapy. As Frank did in his own time, these authors challenge the claims made for the specificity or superiority of cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and other varieties of psychotherapy, providing a candid assessment of the value and limitations of many competing approaches to diagnosis and treatment. They also focus attention on psychotherapies for special populations, including children, people with serious medical illness, and those from culturally and religiously diverse backgrounds.

Like Persuasion and Healing, this volume advocates not for any particular approach but for psychotherapy more generally grounded in principles of evolutionary biology, culture, narrative, and behavior change. It provides researchers, theorists, and practitioners of every kind of training with a genuinely phenomenological approach to a wide range of psychiatric issues. Echoing Frank's voice, in particular his emphasis on the commonalities of suffering and the therapeutic power of hope, The Psychotherapy of Hope offers scholarly wisdom and practical advice on how to understand psychotherapy—and apply its principles to the greatest benefit of patients.

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ISBN-13: 9781421403045
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 01/31/2012
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 1,278,362
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Table of Contents

Foreword Leon Eisenberg ix

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xxiii

A Note about Citations xxiv

Part I Psychotherapy: Basic Principles

1 Critical Thinking in the Design of Psychotherapy Research Bruce E. Wampold Joel Weinberger 3

2 Life Story as the Focus of Psychotherapy: The Johns Hopkins Conceptual and Didactic Perspectives •Glenn J. Treisman Paul R. McHugh 22

3 Neural Substrates of Psychotherapy George I. Viamontes Bernard D. Beitman 34

4 Restoring Meaning to Psychiatric Diagnosis and Psychotherapy in the Age of Evolutionary Biology Julia B. Frank 67

5 Cultural Concepts in Persuasion and Healing Renato D. Alarcon Mark Williams 88

6 Deconstructing Demoralization: Subjective Incompetence and Distress in Adversity John M. de Figueiredo 107

Part II Psychotheraphy Current Practices

7 Depression, Demoralization, and Psychotherapy in People Who Are Medically III David M. Clarke 125

8 Demoralization and Hope in Clinical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy James L. Griffith Anjali DSouza 158

9 Psychotherapeutic Communication in Medical Settings Arthur M. Freeman III 178

10 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: From Psychoanalytic Arrogance to Evidence-Based Modesty Lloyd A. Wells Julia B. Frank 190

11 Behavioral and Condition-Specific Approaches to Psychotherapy Diane McNally Forsyth Virginia Nash 215

12 Weighing Evidence for Common and Specific Factors in Psychotherapy with Children Natoshia Raishevich Cunningham Thomas Ollendick Peter S. Jensen 238

13 Contemporary Realities of Group Psychotherapy J. Scott Rutan Joseph J. Shay 259

14 Cultural Dynamics in Psychotherapy and Cultural Psychotherapies: Ingredients, Processes, and Outcomes Renato D. Alarcon Julia B. Frank Mark Williams 281

15 Psychotherapy, Religion, and Spirituality James L. Griffith 310

List of Contributors 327

Index 329

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