The Public Image Is Rotten: Songs from the Heart

The Public Image Is Rotten: Songs from the Heart

by Public Image Ltd.

CD(Bonus DVD)

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"I will not be treated as property," John Lydon howled on "Public Image," the first single Public Image Ltd. released in October 1978. While the group would take a dizzying number of creative twists and turns over the next four decades as they evolved from dub-obsessed experimentalists to a polished and pop-savvy alternative rock band, the one thing that remained constant was the voice of Lydon -- angry, theatrical, dripping with venom, sometimes curiously witty, and always overflowing with passion, even if it was usually expressed in negative terms. PiL was his vehicle, and while he may have had valued collaborators, there was never any mistaking that this was Lydon's show and his message. Lydon's two years as Johnny Rotten in the Sex Pistols have burned deeper into the pop culture consciousness, yet PiL has proven to be his definitive musical statement, and with 2018's The Public Image Is Rotten: Songs from the Heart, he's offered a deep dive into the ongoing project's history. Timed to coincide with a similarly titled documentary about PiL, The Public Image Is Rotten is a massive five-CD box set that takes a different approach to the band's catalog than the 1999 collection Plastic Box. While Plastic Box offered a hefty summary of PiL's recorded history, The Public Image Is Rotten starts with a disc collecting the A-sides to 18 of their singles. Disc two offers nine B-sides, two rare tracks, and six numbers from radio sessions for the BBC (including three outstanding takes of material from Metal Box recorded in 1979). Disc three is devoted to extended mixes that appeared on 12" singles and dance-oriented releases, which presents some overlap with songs on disc one (though anyone likely to pony up for this set is likely to be interested in the minutiae). Disc four contains previous unreleased versions of 14 songs, the most curious being a faithful instrumental cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." Finally, disc five documents a 1989 live show in New York City, as PiL was touring in support of the album 9. As if this weren't enough, the package also includes two DVDs of television appearances, live footage, and music videos, as well as a full-color hardcover book filled with press clippings and details on the recordings. While devoted fans will appreciate the rich audio and the wealth of hard-to-find material on The Public Image Is Rotten (as well as the fact it folds in recordings from PiL's post-1999 editions), this is a less coherent listen than Plastic Box. That collection's chronological sequencing made it easy to follow the group's stylistic evolution, while the thematic nature of these five discs repeatedly takes us back and forth through their history. That said, The Public Image Is Rotten presents a thorough and uncompromised portrait of Lydon's work with PiL, and anyone interested in the many contexts he's created for his unique vision will find plenty to take in.

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Release Date: 07/20/2018
Label: Virgin Records Us
UPC: 0602567088417
catalogNumber: 6708841
Rank: 74550


Disc 1

  1. Public Image
  2. Death Disco
  3. Memories
  4. Flowers of Romance
  5. This is Not a Love Song
  6. Bad Life
  7. Rise
  8. Home
  9. Seattle
  10. The Body
  11. Disappointed
  12. Warrior
  13. Don't Ask Me
  14. Cruel
  15. One Drop
  16. Reggie Song
  17. Out of the Woods
  18. Double Trouble

Disc 2

  1. The Cowboy Song
  2. Half Mix/Megga Mix
  3. Another
  4. Home Is Where the Heart Is
  5. Blue Water
  6. Question Mark
  7. Selfish Rubbish
  8. USLS1
  9. Turkey Tits
  10. Pied Piper
  11. Criminal
  12. Poptones
  13. Careering
  14. Chant
  15. Cruel
  16. Acid Drops
  17. Love Hope

Disc 3

  1. Death Disco
  2. This is Not a Love Song
  3. Flowers of Romance
  4. Rise
  5. Seattle
  6. The Body
  7. Disappointed
  8. Happy
  9. Warrior
  10. Lollipop Opera
  11. Shoom
  12. Death Disco
  13. This is Not a Love Song

Disc 4

  1. Annalisa
  2. Albatross
  3. Careering
  4. Banging The Door (aka The Door)
  5. Vampire
  6. Nineteen Eighty One
  7. Bad Night
  8. Things in E (aka Ease)
  9. Can You Feel the Fours [Ins
  10. Open and Revolving (aka Spy Thriller)
  11. Kashmir [Instrumental
  12. Cajun
  13. Worry
  14. Think Tank

Disc 5

  1. Warrior (With Intro)
  2. Happy
  3. This is Not a Love Song
  4. Home
  5. Round
  6. Brave New World
  7. Same Old Story
  8. The Body
  9. Open & Revolving
  10. Rise
  11. Disappointed
  12. Public Image
  13. Seattle
  14. World Destruction

Disc 6

  1. Public Image
  2. Death Disco
  3. This is Not a Love Song
  4. This is Not a Love Song
  5. Bad Life
  6. Rise
  7. Home
  8. Seattle
  9. The Body
  10. Disappointed
  11. Warrior
  12. Don't Ask Me
  13. Cruel
  14. Covered
  15. One Drop
  16. Reggie Song
  17. Out of the Woods
  18. Lollipop Opera
  19. Double Trouble
  20. Bettie Page
  21. The One
  22. Public Image
  23. FFF
  24. Seattle
  25. Home
  26. Bags
  27. Rise
  28. Hard Times
  29. Religion
  30. Rules & Regulations
  31. Angry
  32. Open & Revolving
  33. Holidays In The Sun
  34. The Body
  35. World Destruction

Disc 7

  1. Death Disco
  2. Poptones/Careering
  3. Flowers of Romance
  4. Rise
  5. Home & Round
  6. Disappointed
  7. Four Enclosed Walls
  8. Albatross
  9. Deeper Water
  10. Memories
  11. Reggie Song
  12. Disappointed
  13. Warrior
  14. Flowers of Romance
  15. One Drop
  16. Death Disco
  17. This is Not a Love Song
  18. Public Image
  19. Out of the Woods
  20. Rise
  21. Open Up
  22. Rise
  23. Open Up

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Public Image Ltd.   Primary Artist
Allan Dias   Bass
Lu Edmonds   Guitar,Keyboards
John Lydon   Vocals
John McGeoch   Guitar
Steve New   Guitar
Scott Firth   Bass
Ted Chau   Guitar,Keyboards
Bruce Smith   Drums

Technical Credits

Bill Laswell   Composer,Producer
Keith Levene   Composer
Sid Vicious   Composer
Afrika Bambaataa   Composer
Martin Atkins   Composer,Producer
Neil Barnes   Composer
Tony Berg   Producer
Jason Bonham   Composer
Bob Clearmountain   Remixing
Paul Cook   Composer
Allan Dias   Composer
Richard Dudanski   Composer
Mick Glossop   Producer
Stephen Hague   Composer,Producer
Dave Jerden   Producer
François Kevorkian   Remixing
Gary Langan   Producer,Remixing
Nick Launay   Producer
Lu Edmonds   Composer,Producer
John Lydon   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
John McGeoch   Composer
Dave Meegan   Producer,Remixing
Public Image Ltd.   Producer,Direction
Eric "ET" Thorngren   Remixing
Larry White   Direction
Jebin Bruni   Composer
Mick Haggerty   Direction
Pete Jones   Composer
Scott Firth   Composer,Producer
Philip Lloyd-Smee   Artwork,Layout
Jim Walker   Composer
Peter Care   Direction
Peter Clifton   Direction
Mark Schulz   Composer
Jesse Dylan   Direction
James Towler   Producer
Samuel Bayer   Direction
Willy Smax   Direction
James "Jimbo" Barton   Producer
John Wardle   Composer
Walter Jaquiss   Producer,Direction,Filmmaker
Fiona Stylianou   Direction
John Rambo Stevens   Producer,Executive Producer,Direction,Original Concept,Sleeve Notes,Filmmaker
Julian West   Direction
Mike Kerry   Direction
Chris Hall   Direction
Scotty Murphy   Original Concept,Sleeve Notes
Bettie Page   Composer
Bruce Smith   Composer,Producer
Nick Willing   Direction
Oli Enskat   Direction
Eric Thongren   Producer

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