The Puppet Spell

The Puppet Spell

by E. L. Adams

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Fifteen year old Lexa is very different to her twin Lucinda, but when they stumble upon their uncle’s storeroom they discover a world far away from their mundane lives. Guided by their Uncle Devon and his untrustworthy chimera familiar, the girls – along with Lexa’s best friend Marlon – try to navigate their new surroundings without falling prey to the elusive puppeteer and the creeping, sinister Puppet Spell.

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ISBN-13: 9780957318342
Publisher: RowanVale Books
Publication date: 01/02/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 342
File size: 287 KB

About the Author

E. L. is a young writer from Birmingham, studying English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University. When she isn't reading voraciously, studying, or taking every opportunity to travel, she can be found in front of her writing desk. Having aspired to be a writer since the age of ten, Emma aims to give life to her (admittedly bizarre) daydreams, through creating weird and wonderful alternative worlds. She published her first short story in Inkapture magazine in June 2012, a rather bleak dystopian piece. Her debut novel The Puppet Spell is a fantasy tale for children and the young at heart, inspired by her lifelong love of fantasy, mythology, and video games. She is currently working on a supernatural fantasy series for young adults.

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It was impossible to concentrate on the lesson, and I left the room in a total daze. I needed to find Marlon. He’d reassure me that I was sane.

But could I tell him about it? Maybe even he would laugh…

Then I heard a familiar voice. ‘Out the way!’

Lucinda’s preferred method for getting through the corridor was to swing her bag wildly in either direction, often sending unfortunate Year Sevens flying. However, this time Mrs Sharp was coming the other way. Mrs Sharp, the terrifying Deputy Head, was doing her typical Jekyll and Hyde routine, smiling sweetly at one pupil then spitting venom at the next. Until she walked smack into Lucinda.

Well, I maintain that Lucinda walked into her, but that’s her version of the story. Whatever the case, Mrs Sharp turned on Lucinda like an angry bull. I half-expected to see steam coming out of her ears.

‘Watch where you’re going, young lady!’

‘You watch where you’re going!’ Lucinda retorted.

Everyone in the corridor turned to stare. If Mrs Sharp had transformed into a fearsome monster right then, she couldn’t possibly have looked angrier.

‘I will not be spoken to like that!’

Lucinda merely rolled her eyes, turned her back on her, and vanished into thin air.

Everyone in the vicinity was left gaping at the spot she’d previously occupied. Nothing remained, no hint that she’d been there. It was as if she’d been an illusion, there one second, gone the next. But I knew no trick could be that convincing.

I knew exactly how she’d done it.

The potion. The invisibility potion from the room. She had taken it - I should have guessed - and she’d used it to make a scene. Like she always did.

But how could she possibly talk her way out of this one?

This made absolutely no sense. None of it did. Magic potions didn’t suddenly materialise and then turn out to be genuine. I cursed myself for not telling Uncle Devon, not asking him why he kept a strange laboratory in the house. I’d been in shock, that’s what it was. I’d been numb, even half-doubting last night had actually happened myself – and it had taken an even bigger shock to snap me out of it.

Shivers ran up and down my arms. My heart raced. Magic was real.

People were looking at me now. I shrugged helplessly, surrendering the last hope of not being implicated in this. Then I walked away, in the direction Lucinda had been heading. Maybe they’d think I was going after her. Either way, I had to find her - and fast. Then we had to find Uncle Devon, and get some answers.

‘Lexa?’ Marlon appeared in front of me as I left the building through the side door. ‘You OK? You look a bit…stunned.’

‘So would you if your sister had vanished before your eyes.’

‘Lucinda’s missing?’

‘No, she vanished. Literally. In front of everyone. I’m going to kill her.’

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The Puppet Spell 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Portals to other worlds ... Fae ... magic ... and a chimera! It had all my favorite elements. Interesting story idea and took me to places I've never been. I thought it needed a little more character development and description to really place me in the worlds and in mc's head. Overall story kept me reading to the end.