The Purple Cinderella: Surviving Multiple Childhood Rapists

The Purple Cinderella: Surviving Multiple Childhood Rapists

by Lillie Young


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I am the Purple Cinderella. I got my glass slipper back a the beautiful age of 38. What led me to that moment was a life full of heartache and pain. I found myself at the point of suicide. In that pivotal moment I got my glass slipper back (my life). I walked around dead inside for many years. My heart-wrenching childhood took me there. I was raped by my adult step brothers, some of my step uncles, some of my adult step cousins, and other men. They all stole a part of Cinderella's glass slipper. I became used to this childhood torture, I accepted the torture, I even fell in love with the torture. Not only was I made to lie on my back and service the pedophiles, my sister and I were slave labor for my step family as well - forced to scrub and clean like Cinderella. Heartache and pain continued through my adulthood, bandages, crying inside. But at that pivotal moment of 38 God gave me life. Now I live. I got my glass slipper back!

The Purple Cinderella is a compelling autobiography. Raw but realistic. Rape and abuse are happening globally. I chose to highlight my story to help other abused and raped victims. My story is told through the eyes of a child in the most captivating manner. I pray that my testimony encourages you as you read my autobiography. Thanks in advance for your purchase.

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