The Purpose: Essential Qualities to Inspire and Achieve the Purpose of Your Life!

The Purpose: Essential Qualities to Inspire and Achieve the Purpose of Your Life!

by Abraham Day


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Abraham Day has taken his many years of experience with people young and old, students and parents, community stake-holders, the disenfranchised and the empowered, and put those experiences in perspective. His experience has allowed him to meet amazing teachers, administrators, students, parents, and all people who have an effect on human development. During his tenure, Abraham noticed Best Practices that were consistently observed in so many of the teachers, administrators, parents, and children that he had worked with during during his teaching experience in Camden, New Jersey. These are the nine qualities he addresses in the The Purpose: Empathy, Courage, Wisdom, Respect, Love, Citizenship, Humanities, Leadership, and Humor.Abraham has included in this book a process of best practices .....and you'll be inspired as you read... as you will find the inspiration necessary to change and improve your life, and achieve the purpose in your life!

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ISBN-13: 9781543914245
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 01/24/2018
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Abraham Day is a former educator, radio announcer, and youth counselor who also has a new music CD titled THE PURPOSE. As an educator, he worked in the Camden City School District in Camden, New Jersey. He served to empower the students, parents, and stake-holders in that community. Abraham is originally from Richmond Virginia. He has lived in New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. He has worked in diversified communities and practiced inclusion to help individuals achieve their purpose in life. Abraham believes that through listening and observing others it is possible for people to achieve their purpose in life, if they understand and practice the appropriate qualities that motivate and inspire them to achieve their goal. It is through quiet reflection during a tranquil period that Abraham loves to document his thoughts and share them with his audience. It is through this narrative that he introduces the power that is in us when we find the purpose in our life.Abraham is currently preparing for his appearances and his performances. He is especially excited to meet his fans and communicate all his upcoming activities.If you want to know more about Abraham, his book, his music, and to communicate with him please visit his website at…… You can receive alerts on his appearances, upcoming projects, and releases.

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Introduction 3

Chapter 1 Empathy 5

Understanding Others 9

Developing Others 10

Possessing a Service Orientation 10

Leveraging Diversity 11

Political Awareness 11

Chapter 2 Courage 13

The Role of Courage in Achieving the Purpose of Your Life 14

Spiritual Courage 15

Physical Courage 16

Social Courage 18

Moral Courage 20

Intellectual Courage 21

Emotional Courage 22

Embracing the Courage 25

Chapter 3 Wisdom 27

The Greater Power within You 27

The Desire of Learning Vs Wisdom 28

Learning is the Core of Wisdom 30

Rules, Customs, and Wisdom 30

Skepticism and Wisdom 31

Differentiating Knowledge from Wisdom 33

Why Wisdom is Necessary for the Purpose of Your Life? 34

The Fundamentals of Wisdom in Real Life 35

Free Your Soul 35

Act Beyond Your Comfort Zone 36

Unveil Your Creativity 36

Encourage Yourself 37

Never Stop Learning 37

Do Not Forget the Past 38

Chapter 4 Respect 39

The Concept and Definition of Respect 39

Self-Respect Comes First 41

Why is Respect Important? 45

Respect Vs Care 45

Respect in Healthy Relationships 46

Expressions of Respect 47

Communication 48

Affection 48

Physical Practices 48

Legacy of Respect 49

Acknowledgment 49

Abandonment of Disrespect 49

Emotional Respect 50

Social Behavior 50

The Relativity of Respect 51

Respect Practices during Early Years 51

Chapter 5 Love 53

The Many Dimensions of Love 53

Erotic Love 54

Passionate Love 54

Familiar Love 54

Playful Love 55

Enduring/Companionate Love 55

Obsession 56

Self-Love 56

Selfless Love 57

Love for People 57

Love for Animals/Plants 58

Love for a Purpose 58

Love for Objects 59

Love for Eternity 59

Love Vs Addiction 59

Why 'Love For Humanity' Is a Purpose? 60

The Various Expressions of Love 60

Love Vs Expectations 62

Can Love Become Destructive or Abusive? 63

Love for the Purpose of Your Life 64

Chapter 6 Citizenship 67

Characteristics of a Good Citizen 69

Sound Health 70

Self-Control 70

Intelligence and Education 70

Confidence 70

Public Spirit 71

Respect to Personal and External Property 71

Why Good Citizenship is Essential to Achieve the Purpose of Your life? 71

Do You Need to Sacrifice to Become a Good Citizen? 73

The Baby Steps to Become a Good Citizen 74

Chapter 7 Humanities 76

Literature 80

Performing Arts 82

Expression of thoughts 83

Connects us to history 84

Bring out the creativity within 84

Philosophy 86

Importance of Humanities 87

Chapter 8 Leadership 90

In a Romantic Relationship 91

In Your Family 92

In Your Community 93

How Important Is a Family Leader? 95

Character of a leader 99

Is a leader honest? 100

Does a leader inspire? 101

Is a leader committed? 101

Does a leader delegate? 102

Chapter 9 Humor 103

History of Humor 103

Benefits of laughter to your mental health 112

Final Word 118

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