The Queen of All that Dies

The Queen of All that Dies

by Laura Thalassa


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ISBN-13: 9781942662044
Publisher: Lavabrook Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/17/2015
Pages: 326
Sales rank: 367,945
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Laura Thalassa spent her childhood reading and creating fantastic tales. She now spends her days penning everything from young adult paranormal romance to new-adult dystopian novels. Thalassa lives with her husband and partner in crime, Dan Rix, in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

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The Queen of All that Dies 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
pooled_ink More than 1 year ago
pooled ink Reviews: 4.5 Stars My head is spinning in the aftermath of this intense series opener. Only the first book and I’m already going a bit crazy. This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It’s action-packed and led by a moral compass set spinning like a wild top, and it leaves me feeling so many conflicted emotions about characters, events, choices, etc. Does this book contain some controversial elements and characters? Yes it most certainly does. But weirdly enough it’s those uneasy knots in morality that elevate this book above its peers. First and foremost this is a book about war and war is a realm where right is wrong and wrong is right and love is hate and hate is love and everything spins and twists and gets tangled and muddied until you’re not sure which way is up only that you know you don’t want to drown. This book, nay this series is likely the type of series that you’ll either be sucked right into or you’ll barely get five chapters in before tossing it aside with a resounding No Thanks. Unrepentant bloodshed, sacrificial freedom, and love between monsters born of war, this is but the beginnings of the dark tale of The Queen of All that Dies. A dystopian story that will have your adrenaline pounding in your veins, your mind spinning between rights and wrongs, and your feet on constantly shifting ground, this book is the first in a trilogy that is sure to take your breath away with its intensity and daring. **Read the full review on Wordpress: Pooled Ink