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The Queen's Man

The Queen's Man

4.5 2
by Terri Brisbin

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The Queen's Man by Terri Brisbin

A man born an heir, but raised a bastard. . .
A woman with the proof to put him on the throne. . .
A love endangered by the intrigue of Elizabeth's court. . .

Richard Granville, an illegitimate son of Henry VIII, has always wanted to be king of England, but a bastard cannot inherit that position. So, he contents himself by


The Queen's Man by Terri Brisbin

A man born an heir, but raised a bastard. . .
A woman with the proof to put him on the throne. . .
A love endangered by the intrigue of Elizabeth's court. . .

Richard Granville, an illegitimate son of Henry VIII, has always wanted to be king of England, but a bastard cannot inherit that position. So, he contents himself by serving his half-sister Queen Elizabeth. When her enemies approach with claims of his rights to the throne and with a plot to put him there, he is tempted. . . oh so tempted.

Sharon Reynolds, a museum curator on holiday in present day England, discovers proof of a legitimate male heir to Henry VIII and is shocked to be thrown back through time with that proof. Believing she was sent back to right the wrongs done to Henry VIII's rightful heir, she searches for the man who should be king. Unfortunately, by the time she uncovers his identity and must decide whether or not to give him the evidence that would put him on the throne, she has fallen in love with him.

Danger, intrigue and deception surround them as they struggle to find the path that fate means for them. . . and their love. Can their love help them survive in Elizabethan England or will Richard forever remain the queen's man?

"Wonderful plotting, great characters, intriguing history and sizzling passion make THE QUEEN'S MAN a romance reader's dream!"
Sandra Hill, NYT bestselling author

"Excitement, adventure, royal intrigue. . . Sheer Elizabethan delight!"
Maggie Shayne, NYT bestselling author

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Meet the Author

Terri Brisbin, an award-winning author and three-time RWA RITA® finalist, has seen her historical and paranormal romances published in more than 20 languages and 25 countries around the world since 1998. She's written more than 33 novels, novellas and short stories for Berkley/Jove, Harlequin and Kensington Books. Now working on more romances, Terri has also self-published her backlist books.

When not living the glamorous life of a romance author in the southern NJ suburbs, Terri spends her time being a married mom as well as a dental hygienist to hundreds while plotting and planning future stories. For more info (more than you could possibly want or need to know) visit her website - www.terribrisbin.com .

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The Queen's Man 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
THE QUEEN'S MAN by Terri Brisbin Review by Barb Deane, Barb's All Romance Book Store Terri Brisbin's September, 2000 release, The Queen's Man, is her third book released under Jove's Time Passages series. I will admit right up front that I was predisposed to like this book: I love Terri's first two books, A Love Through Time and A Matter of Time; The Queen's Man is set in Elizabethan England, another favorite of mine; and the hero is the son of Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn, and I have read and enjoyed many, many books on the wives of Henry VIII. Even given all of this, I was still surprised to see how much I loved The Queen's Man. Sharon Reynolds is in England on a vacation from Chicago, studying at the London Textile Institute. She has encountered problems in her recent promotion to the head curator at the Chicago Museum's Historical Costume and Fabric collection due to the jealous machinations of a man who did not get appointed to the position. Sharon finds a packet of papers hidden inside an Elizabeth gown that was found. She can't resist opening the papers, but is stunned when she figures out that they are the signed confession and supporting documents that establish that Henry VIII fathered a son while married to Ann Boleyn, but the midwife stole the child, presumed dead, and had him raised by another family. Although the rightful King of England, this son was never discovered nor acknowledged. When Sharon stumbles upon a hidden room, she, the dress, and the documents are thrown back in time. She is mistaken for another Sharon Reynolds who is supposed to join the Queen's household, and is immediately put to work as a seamstress. When she finally figures out and accepts where she is, she realizes it must have happened in order for her to find Henry VIII's true son and give him the evidence he needs to take his rightful place as King, although she also fears the effect this will have on history. Richard Granville is in charge of the Queen's stables. He also happens to be Good Queen Bess's illegitimate half-brother. When he first sees Sharon Reynolds, he is wary of her. However, her honesty, innocence, and attractiveness generate a more than average interest for him. She is somewhat more outspoken that the women he is used to, but much more intriguing as well. The historical backdrop for this story is well done. There is enough of the flavor of Elizabethan England to make it totally believable, but it is not bogged down in detail. Both Richard and Sharon are honest, intelligent, and likable characters with great sexual chemistry. I totally bought into their romance, the struggles each of them has with the situation and their unusual circumstances, and the choices they must make in order to resolve their dilemmas. My only criticism would be that I wanted to know more about their life together after the story was over, so I'm hoping there's going to be a sequel. Another wonderful, entertaining, and pleasing story by Terri Brisbin. Don't miss it!
harstan More than 1 year ago
The find in the London manor house excites Sharon Reynolds, Curator of the Historical Costume and Fabric Collection of a Chicago museum. In one of the Elizabethan dresses, she finds a hidden parchment that claims proof existed that Henry¿s had a legitimate son who should have been on the throne instead of Elizabeth. Before she can understand what she has, Sharon falls through a door and finds an aristocratic woman wearing sixteenth century garbs yelling at her.

Somehow, Sharon has become a seamstress for Queen Elizabeth I. Sharon becomes confused and almost is trampled by a horse. Elizabeth¿s half brother Richard Granville saves her life. As Richard and Sharon begin to fall in love, she must adjust to the regal intrigue of 1570, including a Spanish-Catholic alliance that plans to place Richard on the throne in spite of his loyalty to the current monarch.

THE QUEEN¿S MAN is a fast-paced time travel romance starring two charming charcaters. Although fans must accept on faith the movement through time and Sharon¿s relatively easy adjustment, readers will fully enjoy the tale. The story line brings to life the court of Queen Elizabeth 1 through the eyes of the time traveler. Fans of the sub-genre will gain pleasure from this warm tale filled with historical tidbits, a wonderful cast, and an interesting era lively painted by Terri Brisbin.

Harriet Klausner