The Quotable Writer: Words of Wisdom from Mark Twain,Aristotle,Oscar Wilde,Robert Frost,Eric Jong,and More

The Quotable Writer: Words of Wisdom from Mark Twain,Aristotle,Oscar Wilde,Robert Frost,Eric Jong,and More


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The Quotable Writer: Words of Wisdom from Mark Twain,Aristotle,Oscar Wilde,Robert Frost,Eric Jong,and More by William A. Gordon, William A. Gordon

"The Quotable Writer taps the power of words for the wordsmiths who live and make their living by them. Dip into it and see if you don't find yourself driven to write some yourself. "

­­David A. Fryxell,editorial director and nonfiction columnist for Writer's Digest,and author of How to Write Fast (While Writing Well) and Elements of Article Writing: Structure and Flow

William A. Gordon has created a Barlett's of the literary life with The Quotable Writer,a collection of roughly a thousand of the best things ever said or written by and about writers and writing. These are the kinds of quotes you'll want to enlarge and stick on your bulletin board or tape to the top of your computer monitor,to glance at for affirmation and encouragement when the blank page before you stubbornly stays blank. These are the words of wisdom from writers who've beaten writer's block,defeated deadlines,triumphed over transitions,and created characters for the ages. You'll hear,too,from writers who crashed and burned out in the literary life,and you'll realize that maybe your own writing woes aren't so bad,after all.

The Quotable Writer

Words of Wisdom from Mark Twain,Aristotle,Oscar Wilde,Robert Frost,Erica Long,and more.

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word. . . is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. "

­­Mark Twain

"Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost what it feels about dogs. "

­­British playwright Christopher Hampton

"No passion onEarth,neither love nor hate,is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft. "

­­H. G. Wells

"The best writing is that which doesn't call attention to itself. "

­­William Appel and Denise Sterrs,The Truth About Fiction Writing

"All the fun's in how you say a thing. "

­­Robert Frost

What do Aristotle,Erica Jong,and Calvin Coolidge have in common? They all had something interesting to say about writing,books,and editing. Now this wonderful compendium brings together their words and over 1000 other choice quotations on writing wisdom,wit,and lore from the great,the near-great,and the infamous. Organized into alphabetical sections from "Biography" to "Writers and Writing," The Quotable Writer is an inspirational window into the writing world for readers and new writers,a source of wry commentary to bring a smile to even the most jaded insider,and a ready sourcebook for those seeking a quote to add spice to their own speech or writing.

"If it can't be read aloud,it's no damn good. "

­­John Braine,Writing a Novel

The book you hold in your hands is almost impossible not to read aloud. Witty and wise,these words from writers and others on the craft,practice,and business of writing beg to be shared.

From Herman Melville to George Orwell,from Benjamin Disraeli to Fran Leibowitz,The Quotable Writer hopscotches the centuries and callings of writers to bring you the most apt,telling,and entertaining things people have said about writing,editing,and books.

Organized into dozens of sections that include "Grammar," "Originality," "How to Get Published," and "Screenwriting," The Quotable Writer gives you not just a wealth of witty rejoinders,wise sayings,and smart remarks for almost any occasion,but also useful professional advice on the intricacies of the art,methods,and commerce of writing.

Whether you seek a great comeback,support in an argument,or a cross-section of opinion on almost all writing-related topics,this little warehouse of writing wisdom has it. You'll discover how writers regard editors,rejection,fame,and critics. You'll read what great thinkers,great writers,great editors,and other mere mortals have said about censorship,genius,irony,and insults.

From composer Max Reger's reaction to a negative review­­"I am sitting in the smallest room in my house. I have your review in front of me. Soon it will be behind me"­­to Andre Maurois' pronouncement that "in literature,as in love,we are astonished at what is chosen by others," this remarkable compendium showcases not only the range of opinion,but the variety of ways in which it's expressed.

Perfect for those who want a look into the world of the writer,those seeking spice and leavening for speech or writing of their own,and the ideal companion for writers themselves,The Quotable Writer is a rich treasure trove,one you'll enjoy mining time and again.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Publication date: 03/03/2000
Pages: 186
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Table of Contents

Freelance Writers.
History, The Writing of.
How to Get Published (Advice).
Insults, Memorable.
Investigative Reporting.
Newswriting and Journalism.
Posterity, Writing for.
Publicity and Marketing.
Publishers and Publishing.
Publishing, Ethics in.
Publishing, Scholarly.
Quotes and Misquotes.
Readers and Reading.
Research and Scholarship.
Success and Failure.
Television, Writing for.
Word Economy.
Writers and Writing.

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